Hook and Loop around the House

Hook and loop fasteners have a wide variety of applications in many different industries, including healthcare and businesses. However, there may be nowhere that these closures are as versatile and useful as in the everyday activities of the household.

Strips of hook and loop fasteners can be added to nearly any type of clothing. These Velcro® Brand closures can be added as part of do-it-yourself adaptive clothing. For example, a little girl’s skirt that is too big around can have a strip of fasteners added, and the waistband is immediately smaller. Older men and women can use hook and loop fasteners to secure fur collars to their shirts, fasten their blazers, coats, button-down shirts and pants quickly and easily without having to fuss with buttons.

Hook and loop coins are a great way to display your child's artwork almost anywhere.

Women can also utilize hook and loop fasteners during their everyday beauty routines. Those who style their hair with curlers appreciate the ease of securing each curler with a hook-and-loop strap. While their hands are winding their hair around the curlers, carefully holding the slippery locks, the hook and loop closures make finishing the look a breeze.

In addition to these clothing and beauty applications, homeowners may see the advantage of organizing and decorating their residences with hook and loop fasteners. Cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms and home offices can be carefully organized when hook and loop is utilized to hang accessories inside the cabinet doors. Rather than just tossing cleaning supplies such as brushes into a cabinet, attaching hook and loop to the brush and to the cabinet can make clean up and organization quick and simple.

One-Wrap® cable ties are a great way to bundle loose cables.

This same process can work to organize and attach accessories to the television or coffee table. A television remote control is less likely to be lost when a hook and loop fastener is attached to the back of the remote and also to the coffee table. Another application might be using hook and loop to attach a tablet or other mobile device to the kitchen cabinet to follow along with new recipes while baking.

Children’s artwork can be proudly displayed on bunk beds and windows when strips of hook and loop fasteners are used. Even young children can practice hanging their own work with this simple method of display.

All types of DIY home projects can be completed quickly and easily with hook and loop fasteners, saving trips to store and money.


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