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4D Product Consulting

Free Business Consulting Services for the Fastener Industry

HookandLoop.com offers the 4D Program to facilitate our business consulting services to the hook and loop fastener industry, completely free of charge. We put our knowledge and experience to work aiding your product development group in their design and manufacturing plan, all for free! The 4D Program is an evolving process that is designed to lead from initial concept through to production and manufacturing with ongoing consultation throughout. Ensure seamless integration of hook and loop fasteners into your product with our experienced manufacturing team and the 4D Program. Anyone who has considered hook and loop fasteners knows there is an endless array of fastener options available. How do you know which one is right for your application? What performance measures need consideration? Price and function are obvious considerations, and our team of dedicated specialists provide fast, straight-forward answers.

Fast Response Times

Today’s business world relies on instant communications. Our team provides near real-time support, in many cases we can provide feedback on design and prototyping in a just a matter of minutes. Take advantage of fast and efficient feedback systems to get your concepts and product ready in the shortest time possible. Using photos, Skype, texting and emails, we provide the fastest response times possible at every phase.

Get your project in motion and ensure you get the best hook and loop fastener for your product. We help you understand our products and services regarding how these fasteners work, how we manufacture and assemble your product, and how we can meet your anticipated product volumes. With this knowledge, we work with you to select the right option. Whether your product requires custom hook and loop colors, die-cutting specific shapes, specific adhesive backings or sub-assembly services, we offer a broad selection of services for integrating these fasteners into your product.

What Is the 4D Program?

The New 4D Business Consulting Service helps businesses with the manufacturing and design of custom fastener straps and other hook and loop manufactured products. This structured method ensures that you get the product you need, at the lowest total cost to help make your product successful. We offer this program completely free of charge.

The 4D program is a proven approach to get your product to market quickly, leveraging high quality US fastener manufacturing, at a very competitive price point.

Developed and refined over time, the 4D program has contributed to many success stories in a range of industries including medical, military, aerospace, industrial and apparel. The program is a methodical 4-step approach that gives us a complete understanding of your application including cost, quality, function, and manufacturing considerations. This allows us to develop and deliver a hook and loop fastener solution tailored to your needs.

The 4D program includes four stages that flow naturally and play a key role in successful integration of the fastener into your new product. This process is a continual cycle of development, where we can always offer our expertise regarding redesigns or alternatives. Once your product is in the hands of the end user, you may discover the product needs other elements added to it, or maybe you've discovered a new market that needs a similar product at a lower price point. We can easily reference your previous orders and work with you on ways to improve or alter your existing product.

At the Discovery stage, we work with you to develop a keen understanding of your hook and loop fastener needs. Do you need a custom strap? What strap style do you need? What size should the strap be? What material should it be made of? These are the kinds of questions we help you answer. By getting to know your product vision, as well as anticipated production volumes, functional requirements and other relevant details, we can provide the ideal solution.
At the Design stage, our experienced product consulting experts and engineers will explore fastener options for your application. Based upon your needs, we suggest suitable options and help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one so you can make an informed choice.
At the development stage, we take the concept design and translate it into a suitable product for manufacturing. In this stage, we communicate design ideas to you through physical samples, photos, or video conferencing. This is a process that we’ve completed in minutes. Sometimes these processes can take longer, but by using technology that everyone has access to, we can greatly reduce the lead time for product design. This creates a rapid process of product development that our customers appreciate.
At this point, your product is ready for manufacture. HookandLoop.com is uniquely positioned to offer the fastest turnaround times on product manufacturing. Sourcing the highest quality material from multiple suppliers allows us to get the product faster. At the Delivery stage, it is our goal to deliver you the perfect product when you need it and at the price you want it. We work with you to anticipate future orders, quantities and shipment frequency as well as appropriate packaging. We want to provide superior support for your manufacturing or assembly process and remove unnecessary time and cost from your overhead.

Our group is well suited to help with your custom product development efforts and we strive to be your supplier of choice. Please contact us to put our consulting expertise to work for you. We look forward to learning about your new product!

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