Die Cutting Process


What is die cutting? Die cutting is a completely different process of cutting hook and loop than strip cutting. To start the die cut process on your hook or loop, first a die must be made. The customer sends us a drawing with specific dimensions of the shape required. A quote for our die cutting services is then generated based on the complexity of the die. For all questions on die cutting - email: info@hookandloop.com.

A die is a specialized tool used in manufacturing industries to cut or shape material, using a clicker press. Dies can be very complex, and include several components, but others are fairly simple. Some dies are as simple as a cookie cutter, while others require more intense scrutiny. A typical die type is a SE PHPS (Single Edge – Pre-Hardened Pre-Sharpened).

At HookandLoop.com, we use a clicking press to control the distribution of pressure to the die and the material. The press is situated atop a large table slab to maximize our ability meet our customers’ die cutting needs. The material is either placed on the slab on top of the die, or on the slab with the die over the material. A protective plate is placed between the die and the press to protect the blades from wear. This plate also helps to evenly distribute the force from the press.

The press is on a swivel, allowing it to swing across the length of the slab for larger dies and multiple clicks, as well as ease of use. The force with which the press comes down is adjustable for varying depths of cutting. Once the force is set, the press is then “clicked”, finishing the die cutting process.