Fasteners from Hook and Loop protect us in cars and trucks, protect nautical equipment, and meet the strict requirements fastening items in airplanes.

  • Marine
  • Automotive

Marine, Automotive & Aeronautical Use: Hook and loop fasteners are used in the automotive industry to attach trim to seats, arm rests, head rests and head liners, as well as to install floor coverings. Water resistant straps are adjustable and designed for years of reliable use in the Marine industry, withstanding abuse from salt water and U.V. rays; the straps are used to bundle fishing gear, nautical equipment and cargo. Meeting the strict requirements for aeronautics, fire retardant hook and loop products are used to attach seat trim, carpeting and interior panels in airplanes. Insulation blankets, which are attached using fire retardant hook and loop fasteners, are used to maintain cabin climate and reduce air cabin noise.

  • Marine

    Hook and Loop products for Marine
    • Cargo and Equipment Securement
    • Waterproof Bonds for Stick-on Products

    Keeping cargo and equipment secure and dry when transporting over the water is critical – and always a challenge. DuraGrip® brand products and materials, such as Polyester marine hook and loop, are ideal for headliners and covers to make sure that storage is secure and durable. Marinehook and loop cable ties and marine-grade VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape makes wire management easier. Use our marine-grade hook and loop for bundling fishing gear and nautical equipment, secure cargo more efficiently and keep materials dry. For waterproof bonds for stick-on products consider our acrylic peel & stick marine hook and loop, or Military grade VELCRO® Brand PS-72.


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  • Automotive

    Hook and Loop products for Automotive
    • Strong Bonds for Seat Covers and Straps
    • Sew-on Hook and Loop available in 25 Yard Rolls

    Hook and loop products are ideal for custom automotive seat installation. MVA8 is a material that provides the strongest bond for seat covers and straps. Products such as our VELCRO® Brand hook and loop, with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, come in a variety of widths that allow for use wherever needed inside the vehicle. For other needs, DuraGrip® brand Acrylic peel & stick hook and loop is available in 25 yard rolls for all your automotive needs.

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