Other Industries

Sew-on hook and loop fasteners can be used in multiple industries such as entertainment, personal care, tradeshows, and much more.

    • Entertainment & Art
    • Personal Care

    Sew-on hook and loop fasteners can be used for fitting bed skirts or table cloths in the restaurant and hospitality industries, or as a fastener on diapers. Wide loop and display loop are ideal for creating bold, colorful presentation boards for tradeshows. Hook and loop straps and closures are also used in many different display booths and carriers.

  • Entertainment & Art

    Hook and Loop products for Entertainment & Art

    Entertainment & Art

    • Cable Management for Live Productions
    • Costume and Clothing Fasteners

    Behind the magic of movies and theater is a lot of sophisticated technology and know-how. If you've ever worked on a movie set, you know something about the need for serious cable management – and if you've ever done costume design, you know that actors don't have a lot of time to fiddle with buttons and zippers. It's why those who work off-screen and off-stage rely on sew on hook and loop craft fasteners and cable straps, such as our VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape, available in 25 foot rolls. VELCRO® Brand VELCOIN® Fasteners can be very useful when it comes to fasteners for clothes or even story boarding, allowing you to put up images on the wall for easy visualization – without having to put holes in the walls of your studio.

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  • Personal Care

    Hook and Loop products for Personal Care

    Personal Care

    • Hook and Loop Diaper and Clothing Fasteners
    • Wide Loop with Extra Strength & Security

    Hook and loop products are useful at all stages of human development. Chances are that if you have raised a baby, you used infant diapers that featured hook and loop fasteners, which are much safer than traditional safety pins. VELCRO® Brand baby clothes are also common. Sew on hook and loop materials can be attached to aprons, bibs and even adult diapers with very little effort. Low profile hook & loop material is available and can be purchased by the roll for garment fasteners and all your other needs. VELCRO® Brand VELSTRETCH® Loop oe DuraGrip® brand Stretch Loop material offers elasticity and even tension for custom fittng, and our wide loop products provide extra strength and security when needed. If you operate a nursing home or health care facility and require specialized equipment, please contact us and provide us with your design requirements and we can manufacture it for you.

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