Custom Pad Printing and Logo Imprinting Services

Whether it's your logo, brand, tagline, phone number, part number or more, we can imprint it on key chains, baggage tags or hook and loop fasteners and straps. Logo imprinting uses a process known as pad printing to transfer an image or text to a rounded, flat, or rough surface. It is used in electronics, apparel, medical supplies, automotive accessories, toys and sports equipment. We offer logo imprinting for your customized hook and loop orders and custom imprinting on VELCRO® Brand products as well.

We make custom hook and loop patches as well as custom straps with company logos imprinted onto the hook portions every day. You can check out all the kinds of hook and loop straps we offer, fill out our custom strap form, or continue reading to learn more.

The technique used for creating the Cliché ( plates ) involves a chemical etching of photo-polymer plates along with photo exposure using film positives. These plates may last beyond one million impressions. There is also a method that uses laser etching, but it is not as common due to its shorter plate life of about 10,000 impressions.

The imprinted logo is created with ink and film. Both undergo physical changes during the transfer process, which makes it easier for them to adhere to the silicone pad and eventually the substrate. A silicone pad is used since its properties allow it to adhere to images and transfer them to other surfaces.

The logo imprinting process starts with a magnetic cup containing ink, which is placed upside down over the artwork etched printing plate, creating a seal. The cup is slid across the plate, filling the image with ink, and then slid back to its starting point, taking away any excess ink along with it. The movement leaves the ink filled image exposed to the air, which causes the ink to become tacky; this allows the ink to stick to the silicone transfer pad, which then comes down and presses against the image. When the pad presses down, it pushes air outward, allowing the ink to be picked up when the pad is lifted. As the pad moves from the printing plate to the substrate, the ink cup also moves from its starting point to the artwork, refilling the image with ink. The ink on the pad is now exposed to air, causing it to become tacky. This is when the pad is pressed against the substrate, imprinting the image or logo. The pad then moves back to the printing plate as the ink cup moves back to its starting point, and the imprinted logo process repeats.

Imprinted Logo Pricing: One time charge of $50.00 to make the Cliché (plate) of your imprint logo. A $20.00 Art Set Up fee per order. Depending on strap style, hook or loop piece and quantity - pricing varies per imprinted logo - Call us today at 1-800-940-6934, or email us at

A .png or .jpg file between 170ppi and 300ppi must be provided in order to quote the strap. $100 minimum order on all custom printing jobs.