Strap Sewing

sewn strap

At, we offer sewing and stitching services: we cut and sew and offer production sewing services to our customers. Sometimes, a customer may need webbing added to their straps for extra reinforcement. That’s where our seamstresses come in. Ordering a strap sewn to webbing means the tensile strength of the material may increase by as much as 800%.

There are several kinds of webbing to reinforce your strap with. The most common strap webbing are lightweight and heavyweight polypropylene. These are most popular because of the combination of their price, strength and durability. We offer polypropylene webbing strap tape in a variety of colors, widths, and weights. In most cases, lightweight polypropylene webbing will serve as the best use, supporting up to 300 pounds at a 1/2”. We have three industrial sewing machines capable of performing any stitching necessary, including straight stitching, zigzag stitching, zipper stitching, buttonhole stitching and box stitching. We also have standard sewing machines that can handle lightweight tasks such as sewing hook and loop to a satin ribbon. We also have access to a wide array of webbing and thread colors for sewing webbing straps. There are also other kinds of webbing available for other uses, such as reflective webbing for safety vests and straps, herringbone webbing for a different design, and seatbelt webbing for close contact comfort.

At, we offer a wide range of webbing, sewing and stitching services and cut & sew services to suit your need for any strap imaginable. For all questions about sewing webbing or our online stitching services - email:

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