Grommets are metal rings added to protect the surrounding material from damage when cords or strings are ran through the hole of the grommet, protecting the material from wear and tear.

These straps are made of hook and loop and may be reinforced with polypropylene webbing. . The machine is operated by a foot pedal, which when tapped, drives the grommet die down onto the partner die, compressing the two parts that comprise the grommet.

The grommet is made of two parts. One side is a flat circle with a neck extending from the inner circle, almost like the end of a tuba. This is the right grommet, or the front grommet. The combination of the dies and the grommet neck being compressed allows for the grommet to make a clean cut through the material, eliminating the need to cut a hole in the material beforehand. This is called a self-piercing grommet.

The other side is essentially a circle with no neck. This is the wrong grommet, or back grommet. The circle is domed, or rounded, for a smooth finish on the inside of the material. When compressed, the dies expand the neck and compress it outward, wrapping the front grommet around the back grommet and securing it in place.

Hook and Loop grommet press services are available from in #00 - 3/16”, #0 – 7/32”, #1-J – 1/4”, #1 - 5/16”, #1.7 – 5/32”, #2 - 3/8”, #3 - 7/16”, and #4 – 5/8”.

grommet process