DuraGrip® and VELCRO® Brand Wide Loop

12”, 24”, 50” and 54” wide VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001 and 3610 as well as DuraGrip® brand wide display loop available in 63” wide and 18 colors.

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DuraGrip® brand display loop and wide VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001 and 3610 are wide loop products for pedal boards, display panels, and other large displays. VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001 is available in 24” (in Black only) and 54” widths in Black and White. This wide loop is similar to the standard Loop 1000 woven nylon. The wide loop 3610 is a low profile knit loop product available in Black and White in 50” wide.

Display loop is a wide sheet of DuraGrip® or VELCRO® Brand loop fabric, the soft fuzzy side. DuraGrip® brand wide loop sheets are 63” wide and available in two styles. The Premier display loop is a ridged, textured loop that has a strong hold with hook. The Regal display loop is a finer loop, similar to felt. Both display loops are sturdy and do not have adhesive backing. These products are available in a total of 18 different colors including: Azure Blue, Beach, Carbon, Charcoal, Chili Pepper, Chrome, Cinder, Electric Red, Green, Indigo, Lava, Maroon, Monarch, Nebula, Persian Blue, Sapphire, Steel and Storm. There is a 5 yard minimum order requirement for these products.

VELCRO® Brand Wide loop 3001 and 3610 are wide sheets of loop fabric, the soft fuzzy side. It is sold by the yard and used on panels for presentation booths at conventions and on display boards and pedal boards. There is no adhesive backing. VELCRO® Brand wide loop 3001 and 3610 are a 100% nylon knit products available in 24”, 50 and 54” widths. 3001 is similar to a standard knit loop while the 3610 is a low profile, velvet-like loop. The 24” is available in Black only, while the 50” and 54” are stocked in both Black and White. This product is perfect for display panels and pedal boards. There is no adhesive backing on this product and it is only the loop side.

There is no wide hook product currently available. If you are looking for the hook side, we offer it in a 6-inch hook fastener.

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