Hook and Loop Straps

HookandLoop.com’s custom hook and loop straps are as diverse in color as they are in use. Our hook and loop straps are available in 8 widths and 25 colors, giving you a nearly unlimited combination of sizes and color combinations. We’ve manufactured custom hook and loop straps as small as two inches and as long as three hundred inches. Anything you can think of, we can make. There are four basic hook and loop strap styles, the back strap, the face strap, the two way face strap, and the cinch strap. The difference between the straps is how the hook and the loop are welded together and how the strap is used.

The back strap is just like a cuff. The hook and the loop are welded together with the hook facing up and the loop facing down. This allows the hook to wrap around and fasten to the loop. This strap is used for bundling and holding rolls of material such as carpet from unraveling.

  • Cinch Strap

  • Face Strap

  • Two-Way Face Strap

  • Back Strap

The face strap and two way face strap are made with both the hook and the loop facing up while being welded. The difference between a face strap and a two way face strap is that the two way face strap has an additional length of hook welded to the other end of the length of loop. This is to allow the bundling of two separate groups of cords or wires, while simultaneously keeping them grouped together. It can also be used to strap cables to piping.

The cinch strap, our most popular strap, is made by welding the end of the loop around a rectangular delrin plastic or a welded nickel ring. The hook and the loop are then welded together, both sides facing up. The hook is fed through the ring and cinched tight, fastening onto the loop. This strap is widely used in many industries.

With extended services such as logo imprinting and sewing capabilities to enforce the strength of the strap, we can make the customized hook and loop straps you’ve been looking for.