Hook and Loop Solutions for Business & Industry

No matter your business, HookandLoop.com provides a fastening solution. From industrial, medical, apparel, military, transportation, construction and other industries we create custom hook and loop solutions to help your business succeed. We are a leading hook and loop distributor, offering custom product solutions, heavy duty industrial hook and loop products by the roll and in bulk and wholesale pricing. Our extensive product line includes sew-on hook and loop in 25 different colors, peel & stick hook and loop with rubber and acrylic adhesives, coins, wide loop, Mil-Spec, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® and cable ties, Industrial VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook, Total Hook, fire retardant, and polyester hook and loop fasteners. In addition to our selection of industrial VELCRO® Brand products we also offer design, fabrication, and manufacturing for custom converted hook and loop straps, as well as die cutting, strip cutting, and logo imprinting.

  • Medical

    There are many uses for hook and loop products in the medical field, such as holding patient charts, securing large equipment and devices, and patient positioning straps.

    • Orthopedics
    • Patient Care

    The medical industry uses VELCRO® Brand hook and loop for numerous applications. Adhesive backed hook and loop fasteners are used to keep patient charts secured, hook and loop straps keep tubes and cords secured and medical equipment in place, as well as keeping medical instruments organized and accessible. Custom fit leg and arm braces maintain flexibility with products like stretchy medical hook and loop tape in the use of braces, splints and other orthopedic devices.

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  • Military, Gov't & Aerospace

    Hook and loop fasteners have numerous uses in the military and in space, including tethering spacecraft objects and securing gear to be accessible.

    • Military & Government
    • Nasa & Aerospace

    In the military and while in space, personnel regularly are involved in situations where equipment needs to be accessible yet organized. In space, if items are not tethered, they will float through the cabin and interfere with the astronauts’ work and movement. Astronauts use hook and loop fasteners for multiple applications including securing their food trays to their laps, their specialty tool belts utilize hook and loop technology and the interior of the spacecraft is lined with hook and loop fasteners to hold numerous items in place, conveniently and securely.

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  • Transportation

    Fasteners from Hook and Loop protect us in cars and trucks, protect nautical equipment, and meet the strict requirements fastening items in airplanes.

    • Marine
    • Automotive

    Marine, Automotive & Aeronautical Use: Hook and loop fasteners are used in the automotive industry to attach trim to seats, arm rests, head rests and head liners, as well as to install floor coverings. Water resistant straps are adjustable and designed for years of reliable use in the Marine industry, withstanding abuse from salt water and U.V. rays; the straps are used to bundle fishing gear, nautical equipment and cargo. Meeting the strict requirements for aeronautics, fire retardant hook and loop products are used to attach seat trim, carpeting and interior panels in airplanes. Insulation blankets, which are attached using fire retardant hook and loop fasteners, are used to maintain cabin climate and reduce air cabin noise.

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  • Industrial & Commercial

    Heavy duty VELCRO® Brand or DuraGrip hook and loop fasteners are critical for defensive gear such as security harnesses, knee and back pads.

    • Construction
    • Electrical

    Industrial, Commercial & Construction: Heavy duty VELCRO® Brand or DuraGrip® brand hook and loop fasteners are constructed to manufacture safety harnesses, knee pads, and back braces for many utility industries. When safety is the top priority, dependable protection gear is essential. Available in a wide variety, webbing is used almost everywhere in these fields. Reflective webbing is used in safety vests, heavyweight webbing is used in safety harnesses and heavy duty straps, while lightweight webbing is used in belts and tool harnesses. Whether you are an electrical worker scaling a utility pole or working construction at an onsite project, it’s crucial to have the proper equipment to safeguard you against danger or harm.

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  • Clothes, Shoes & Gear

    Children’s shoes, hiking equipment and even theater costumes come together with Hook and Loop fasteners.

    • Outdoor Gear
    • Textile Manufacturing

    Hook and loop clothing fasteners can be fashionable as well as practical. Children are able to put on their own shoes by using VELCRO® Brand straps for shoes; professional and amateur athletes find the adjustable nature of hook and loop fasteners comfortable and reliable, while hikers find their ease of use helpful as well. Sew on hook and loop fasteners are also used in costume design in theatre and dance productions, allowing for quick changes between scenes.

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  • Education

    The palpable assets of hook and loop make it ideal for teaching students in new and unique ways through displays or arts and crafts.

      • Lesson Boards
      • Arts & Crafts

      Lesson Boards, Calendars, Projects, Arts & Crafts: Boards made of hook and loop can help young children to learn with images and spoken concepts together, multi-dimensional collages engage the children. The tactile properties of hook and loop make it ideal for teaching students who require unique ways of learning. Visually impaired students will be stimulated by the touch of physical objects during a lesson and those with learning challenges may benefit from handling and touching parts of the lesson as well.

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  • Sports & Outdoors

    Sporting equipment utilizes hook and loop fasteners to hold together any type of gear for any sport, in or outdoors.

      • Exercise Straps
      • Laser Tag

      Boxing gloves, shoes and athletic equipment can be tightened using hook and loop fasteners; mats are secured together in gymnastics, and back belts with quick-release straps thwart injuries during weightlifting. Surfers use leashes to hang on to their boards by wrapping a hook and loop strap around their ankle and anchoring the opposite end to their board.

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  • Packaging & Handling

    HookandLoop.com can bundle your order to be delivered in countless customizable packaging options.

      • Strap Manufacturing
      • Die Cutting

      HookandLoop.com can package your order for delivery. We box, bag, and seal all cut orders and strap orders. We even offer counted bundling of straps or mated sets. Hook and loop can also be used in packaging. Face straps with grommets and cinch straps are great for securing packages to pallets, especially during transport. Small back straps can be used to color code inventory.

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  • Other Industries

    Sew-on hook and loop fasteners can be used in multiple industries such as entertainment, personal care, tradeshows, and much more.

      • Entertainment & Art
      • Personal Care

      Sew-on hook and loop fasteners can be used for fitting bed skirts or table cloths in the restaurant and hospitality industries, or as a fastener on diapers. Wide loop and display loop are ideal for creating bold, colorful presentation boards for tradeshows. Hook and loop straps and closures are also used in many different display booths and carriers.

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