Colored VELCRO® & DuraGrip® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners offers a wide range of colors available in several products from your basic primary and secondary colors, to military colors, to bright neon colors. Our color selection branches over our whole line of products, so click the links below to view the color options for each product style. We offer so many colors and cannot always stock every width and color so some colors may require a lead time of up to 4 business days.

Sew On Colors

Our Sew On colored hook and loop is available in DuraGrip® brand and VELCRO® Brand colors, although we only stock colored VELCRO® Brand hook and loop colors in Black and White, our DuraGrip® brand hook and loop is available in 25 distinct colors.

Hook and Loop are sold separately on the roll - be sure to order both sides if needed

  • Black
    Black sew on
  • White
    White sew on
  • Beige
    Beige sew on
  • Coyote Tan
    Coyote Tan sew on
  • Coyote Brown
    Coyote Brown sew on
  • Brown
    Brown sew on
  • Ranger Green
    Ranger Green sew on
  • Olive Drab
    Olive Drab sew on
  • Foliage Green
    Foliage Green sew on
  • Dark Gray
    Dark Gray sew on
  • Light Gray
    Light Gray sew on
  • Red
    Red sew on
  • Orange
    Orange sew on
  • Yellow
    Yellow sew on
  • Kelly Green
    Kelly Green sew on
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue sew on
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue sew on
  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue sew on
  • Purple
    Purple sew on
  • Neon Orange
    Neon Orange sew on
  • Pink
    Pink sew on
  • Neon Yellow
    Neon Yellow sew on
  • Neon Pink
    Neon Pink sew on
  • Burgundy
    Burgundy sew on
  • Neon Green
    Neon Green sew on

Wide Loop Colors

Our Wide Loop Products are available in Black and White colored VELCRO® hook and loop sheets, however, our DuraGrip® brand Display Loop comes in two varieties: the Regal and the Premier. The Regal Display Loop is available in 6 unique colors and has a soft and pliable texture. The Premier Display Loop is available in 12 different colors, and has a ridged or serrated design that adds a nice texture to the wall or board it’s installed on. Here’s a list of all the Wide Loop colors available for order here.

  • Black
    Black wide loop
  • White
    White wide loop
  • Nebula
    Nebula wide loop
  • Monarch
    Monarch wide loop
  • Persian Blue
    Persian Blue wide loop
  • Indigo
    Indigo wide loop
  • Green
    Green wide loop
  • Beach
    Beach wide loop
  • Maroon
    Maroon wide loop
  • Electric Red
    Electric Red wide loop
  • Steel
    Steel wide loop
  • Charcoal
    Charcoal wide loop
  • Cinder
    Cinder wide loop
  • Lava
    Lava wide loop
  • Carbon
    Carbon wide loop
  • Sapphire
    Sapphire wide loop
  • Azure Blue
    Azure Blue wide loop
  • Chili Pepper
    Chili Pepper wide loop
  • Storm
    Storm wide loop
  • Chrome
    Chrome wide loop

Webbing Colors

The Polypropylene Webbing at is available in both Lightweight and Heavyweight designs, both of which are plenty strong enough for most hook and loop applications. Webbing is used to reinforce hook and loop by stitching the material to the webbing. This strengthens the strap against heavier weights or sharp edges that may rub against the strap. Our Webbing is available in 26 different colors. Take a look at the list of colored polypropylene webbing options available for order here.

  • Black
    Black webbing
  • White
    White webbing
  • Brown
    Brown webbing
  • Burgundy
    Burgundy webbing
  • Dark Green
    Dark Green webbing
  • Gold
    Gold webbing
  • Green
    Green webbing
  • Jute
    Jute webbing
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue webbing
  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue webbing
  • Neon Yellow
    Neon Yellow webbing
  • Olive
    Olive webbing
  • Orange
    Orange webbing
  • Pacific Blue
    Pacific Blue webbing
  • Pink
    Pink webbing
  • Purple
    Purple webbing
  • Rainbow
    Rainbow webbing
  • Red
    Red webbing
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue webbing
  • Silver
    Silver webbing
  • Turquoise
    Turquoise webbing
  • Bone
    Bone webbing
  • Yellow
    Yellow webbing

Peel & Stick Colors

Our Peel & Stick hook and loop is also available in DuraGrip® brand and VELCRO® Brand colors. The options for colored VELCRO® Brand items are Black and White, while the DuraGrip® brand colors are available with a Rubber Adhesive only. These colors are available in 1”, 1.5”, and 2” widths only, and in 16 different colors.

  • Black
    Black peel and stick
  • White
    White peel and stick
  • Beige
    Beige peel and stick
  • Brown
    Brown peel and stick
  • Olive Drab
    Olive Drab peel and stick
  • Dark Gray
    Dark Gray peel and stick
  • Light Gray
    Light Gray peel and stick
  • Red
    Red peel and stick
  • Orange
    Orange peel and stick
  • Yellow
    Yellow peel and stick
  • Green
    Green peel and stick
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue peel and stick
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue peel and stick
  • Navy Blue
    Navy Blue peel and stick
  • Pink
    Pink peel and stick
  • Purple
    Purple peel and stick