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We believe in offering a perfect customer shopping experience, starting with educating our customers, and ending in a fast, affordable product that is exactly suited for your application.

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    • "Wanted to send a quick note of thanks. You confirm so quickly and take very good care of us. I really appreciate you and your Team."
      Jim W.
    • "Thank you so much for your great customer service! I know that my order got complicated. Your staff worked hard to get my order out and they really seemed to care. I received the shipment this morning, without any complications at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
      Cathi R.
    • "I make many purchases from different hook and loop suppliers all of the world and hookandloop.com are my favorite people to work with. I have needed some favors in the past and they helped me out. The quality of product is as good as it gets in this industry. Same goes for all the employees there. I am fortunate to live in the same state, so when I place an order, I usually receive the next day. I would be lost without hookandloop.com."
      Mark R.
    • "Thank you! I've been a customer of yours for years. You guys are wonderful!"
      Valerie W.
    • "Thank you so much!! I can't tell you how happy I am to have found you guys! It makes my Etsy life so much easier!!!"
      Christy D.
    • "Much thanks to phone and chat folks!! HUGELY helpful!!! ROKKON!! \m/"
      Peter P.
    • "Just received another order of Duragrip from Hook & Loop. Love this product for my crafts & price isn't bad either."
    • "Much appreciated! I don’t say it often enough, but I sure do appreciate how efficient and quick you and your team are. If I could have more people communicating so well, my life would be much smoother."
      Jim W.
    • "I'm so happy with my order! This is going to save me so much time and money on the project I am working on. I really appreciate it."
      Erin R.
    • Adhesive Backed Velcro For Glovebox Concealed Carry
    • "Your product is exactly what I needed. Most people don’t think twice about their glovebox. It’s rarely opened but I didn’t wanna scratch the interior. Thank you again I will be ordering more of the same soon to finish the sides. On a side note, this is some STICKY stuff."
      Josh H.
    • "I wanted to thank you all for such wonderful customer service. I got my order yesterday by 11:30. It was a great experience working with you all."
      Jacqueline G.
    • "Thank you for your help! Great Customer Service!"
      Melinda H.
    • "Thanks for your great service, and for answering the phone when I have a question!"
      Daren O.
    • Velcro cable straps
    • "We love this product!"
    • "I love your products and it saves me so much time being able to have the parts pre-cut."
      Vicki F.
    • "You ladies are the best. Best service out of every hook and loop supplier in the country."
      Mark R.
    • "LOVE your website. Easiest to use of all our raw material suppliers! Thank you!"
      Darlene C.
    • "OMG! Thank you - You have saved me sooooooo much time in offering this service to me. I received my velcro all cut into 3" pieces - very neatly packed & sealed. This saves so much time for me. I will most certainly placing my next order for velcro from you - and the next - and the next - and the next."
      Carol A.
    • social distancing straps in a theater
    • "Thank you and your team for making this happen so quickly. They are truly amazing. I can’t believe it took me so long to find this! Excellent product."
    • "Thank you so much for looking up an old order and helping me figure out the correct items for me to order. That's fantastic customer service."
    • "I love your hooks and loops!"
    • fireplace tiles
    • "I thought you all at Hook and Loop would be interested to see how the fireplace turned out. I am thrilled with it!!!"
      - Robin
    • "Thank you for all your help!"
      - Connie
      cigar box velcro wall
    • "This order is the result of a sample you sent. Thanks, stay customer friendly!"
      - Lloyd
    • "We LOVE your website easy to use!!!! Thank you!"
      - Darlene
    • "Thank you! Very impressed with your professionalism."
      - Rachel M.
    • "Hook & Loop is fast, courteous, and dependable. It is an old fashion quality business seldom seen in this day and time. An age-old phrase, "business comes where it is wanted and stays where it is well treated." I will never leave Hook & Loop. Could you not take my word for it?. Find out for yourself."
      - Jerome
    • "Several months ago I bought 3/8" hook and pile to install storm windows in our vintage travel coach. The pile would not stick to the aluminum window frames inside, and I called. A new batch of pile was sent to me with a different adhesive on the back. Presto! It worked great. We now have interior storms up and our little travel coach is snug and draft free. The woman on the phone was very kind and understanding. Thank you for the excellent service."
      - D. Jonas Jr.
    • "Wow…best customer service I’ve encountered in a long time. Great job!"
      - Yuko
    • "Looks Amazing!"
      - Kimberly
      custom patch wall
    • "I bought this after looking in every fabric store in search of the loop side VELCRO to make a patch frame for the tactical patches and department patches I've collected over the years. This was the cheapest option I have found for buying VELCRO anywhere. It's cheaper than the 2in VELCRO is by the yard. I simply sprayed spray adhesive to the back and applied it to the cardboard frame backing and cut to fit, and in seconds and for under 30$ I had a beautiful patch frame for the office. I will be sure to look here for any of my future VELCRO needs!"
      - Bryant B.
      Custom patch board made with VELCRO wide loop
    • "Perfect!! Great Job!!"
      - Rob T.
      velcro case strap
    • "Wish all our vendors were like you - so efficient and excellent communication."
      - Denise R.
    • "This is some great stuff! Nice and flexible. Love my first order, came fast during covid."
      - Ella C.
    • "I so LOVE my order… The Logo looks good the folded back end works great I just thank you so much.. I will keep in touch and hopefully order many more."
      - Vickie E.
    • "LIGHTNING FAST shipping. I ordered it yesterday and received it today. I buy online allllll the time and have never once had anything ship and deliver this fast! And super speedy communication too. Thanks so much!"
      - R.
    • "Great product, and very fast delivery!"
      - Joy
    • "I am absolutely astounded by this customer service! Thank you so much!"
      - Jeff S.
    • "...you and your staff have exceeded my expectations in service...a real pleasure doing business with you."
      - Kerry
    • "I just want to tell you how amazing your customer service and products are. You guys run an outstanding company and I'm so happy to support a Florida business. Despite all the weather and destruction you guys still do it. Thank you for being you."
      - Trevor
    • I appreciate the fast response! Such service makes the customers come back another time.
      - Marianne
    • ...your company is wonderful in the way that you have answered all my questions so promptly.
      - Canada
    • "...I just want to thank you for the prompt attention regarding my request. And the price? Couldn't have asked for a better 'bargain'...SUPER< SUPER customer service...buy your hook and loop from here! Super fast shipping and great product at a great price!"
      - Ronnie
    • Thanks for the super speedy service.
      - C.
    • "....Keep being awesome :)"
      - Dave
    • "The straps look and work great. We are very pleased. Thank you for doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. Rare these days..."
      - Tony
      Custom HookandLoop Cinch Strap with logo imprinting
    • "Thank you for sending! You are the epitome of efficiency!"
      - Peg
    • I really appreciate your quick and clear responses!
      - Bill
    • "Thank you for reaching out to me. Customer service like this says a lot about your company. I look forward to receiving my order."
      - Bob
    • "I just received my order and I am very impressed with the quality of this product, the price, and the shipping. I will certainly purchase from your company again for all my H&L manufacturing needs."
      - David
    • "Thanks for your quick response! You have definitely won me over, not only on your pricing, but the free cutting and mating!"
      - Nancy
      Messy Cords not using Hook and Loop Cable Management strap Bundled Cable Management Straps using Hook and Loop
    • "The workshop I was hosting was a MASSIVE success and was totally differentiated by the hookandloop experience. I appreciate how you were willing to make changes to my order and make sure that I got exactly what was needed, and in the nic of time."
      - Logan
    • I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the ease of ordering with your company. I can search my past orders online, and when I call your customer service number, they are ALWAYS nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I have made my orders quickly, and all my information is easily accessed by your customer service representatives. Thank you for making my day easier... I wish every company I ordered from was as quick and efficient as you guys are!
      - Wendy
    • "Hello Tracey, We received the custom die cut velcro parts last week and they look and work great. Thanks again for your excellent work and quick turnaround. Have a good day!"
      - Luke
    • "Thank you for the samples. Their effectiveness in repairing my orthotic leg brace has alleviated a great deal of frustration."
      - Ryan
    • "Sending me the sample Velcro was an act of kindness that my wife and I greatly appreciated."
      - Rudy
    • Your help made it easy. Thank you so much Anna!
      - Careen
    • ...your new website is great.
      - Amy
    • Tracey sent me samples and the service was great.
      - Erika
    • "Hey Tracey, Thank you so much for your help! These straps look fantastic.... You all did a fabulous job! Thanks again =)"
      - Espeute
    • A customer used our VELCRO® Brand Veltex® Royal Blue Loop to make a Display Shadow Box for his son's Military Mementos
      Shadow Box using VELCRO® Brand Veltex
    • "Tracey, thank you for the samples. They arrived today and it works like a charm. As always; Velcro to the rescue! It is an awesome product."
      - Carol
      Sewn cinch strap with logo
    • "I called last week to inquire about getting some velcro scraps. A very nice lady answered the phone and was kind enough to just send me just what I needed for free. I REALLY appreciate the gesture."
      - T.
    • “We received the samples today and I have given them to the lead engineer on the project. Thank you for such amazing support!”
      - Ted
    • "The first batch of straps were perfect/awesome/excellent - please pass along to your seamstresses!"
      - Brenda
    • "Thank you for sending the color card.  It made my ordering a snap!"
      - Karen
    • "I want to thank the company for something. It really helps that you cut [each strip of hook and loop tape] into 6" strips for us. Saves a lot of time and torn-up fingers. So, we appreciate it. When I get emails from around the country asking about [our product], I always recommend your company as a source for reasonably priced hook and loop tape."
    • "Thanks! Great products and prices."
    • "The product was great. Worked perfectly for the wall I was putting it on"
    • "Smooth transaction."
    • "We had a little shipping problem, but the seller went above and beyond to correct the problem. Great customer service, Thank you!"
    • "Arrived several days early. Hooks with good quality backing."
    • "Item arrived a day early, exactly what I wanted for my project. Perfect fit for my need. Will order again from this site when needed."
    • "Received my order yesterday. You guys are awesome. Love the product. It's exactly what I needed. Your customer focus is outstanding. So impressed you were willing to make and ship my tiny order."
    • "I really appreciate your prompt, helpful, and friendly customer service -- every time!"
    • "I believe in the 80/20 rule. you know, where 80 of all reward comes from 20 of the effort? Well, I believe your blog is that 20. I’ve added you to the list of sites that I frequent. Thank you for the in depth and detailed blog posts. Not many people are willing to do that anymore."
    • "Congrats on 30 years!! I love your products and service, saves me time and money. Thank you for being there for the small businesses like me :)"
    • "I just received the box with the straps. We are so excited. They are perfect. I have sent you a photo of one of our patients who is on a ventilator, he is well positioned and looks so happy. You might market your product to healthcare facilities/hospitals etc. If ever you need a recommendation, I will be the first to offer my expression of thanks for your rapid, professional and excellent service!"
      - Carol
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