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We believe in offering a perfect customer shopping experience, starting with educating our customers, and ending in a fast, affordable product that is exactly suited for your application.

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    • "I so LOVE my order… The Logo looks good the folded back end works great I just thank you so much.. I will keep in touch and hopefully order many more."
      - Vickie E.
    • "LIGHTNING FAST shipping. I ordered it yesterday and received it today. I buy online allllll the time and have never once had anything ship and deliver this fast! And super speedy communication too. Thanks so much!"
      - R.
    • "Great product, and very fast delivery!"
      - Joy
    • "I am absolutely astounded by this customer service! Thank you so much!"
      - Jeff S.
    • "...you and your staff have exceeded my expectations in service...a real pleasure doing business with you."
      - Kerry
    • "I just want to tell you how amazing your customer service and products are. You guys run an outstanding company and I'm so happy to support a Florida business. Despite all the weather and destruction you guys still do it. Thank you for being you."
      - Trevor
    • I appreciate the fast response! Such service makes the customers come back another time.
      - Marianne
    • ...your company is wonderful in the way that you have answered all my questions so promptly.
      - Canada
    • "...I just want to thank you for the prompt attention regarding my request. And the price? Couldn't have asked for a better 'bargain'...SUPER< SUPER customer service...buy your hook and loop from here! Super fast shipping and great product at a great price!"
      - Ronnie
    • Thanks for the super speedy service.
      - C.
    • "....Keep being awesome :)"
      - Dave
    • "The straps look and work great. We are very pleased. Thank you for doing what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. Rare these days..."
      - Tony
      Custom HookandLoop Cinch Strap with logo imprinting
  • "Thank you for sending! You are the epitome of efficiency!"
    - Peg
  • I really appreciate your quick and clear responses!
    - Bill
  • "Thank you for reaching out to me. Customer service like this says a lot about your company. I look forward to receiving my order."
    - Bob
  • "I just received my order and I am very impressed with the quality of this product, the price, and the shipping. I will certainly purchase from your company again for all my H&L manufacturing needs."
    - David
  • "Thanks for your quick response! You have definitely won me over, not only on your pricing, but the free cutting and mating!"
    - Nancy
    Messy Cords not using Hook and Loop Cable Management strap Bundled Cable Management Straps using Hook and Loop
  • "The workshop I was hosting was a MASSIVE success and was totally differentiated by the hookandloop experience. I appreciate how you were willing to make changes to my order and make sure that I got exactly what was needed, and in the nic of time."
    - Logan
  • I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the ease of ordering with your company. I can search my past orders online, and when I call your customer service number, they are ALWAYS nice, helpful and knowledgeable. I have made my orders quickly, and all my information is easily accessed by your customer service representatives. Thank you for making my day easier... I wish every company I ordered from was as quick and efficient as you guys are!
    - Wendy
  • "Hello Tracey, We received the custom die cut velcro parts last week and they look and work great. Thanks again for your excellent work and quick turnaround. Have a good day!"
    - Luke
  • "Thank you for the samples. Their effectiveness in repairing my orthotic leg brace has alleviated a great deal of frustration."
    - Ryan
  • "Sending me the sample Velcro was an act of kindness that my wife and I greatly appreciated."
    - Rudy
  • Your help made it easy. Thank you so much Anna!
    - Careen
  • ...your new website is great.
    - Amy
  • Tracey sent me samples and the service was great.
    - Erika
  • "Hey Tracey, Thank you so much for your help! These straps look fantastic.... You all did a fabulous job! Thanks again =)"
    - Espeute
  • A customer used our VELCRO® Brand Veltex® Royal Blue Loop to make a Display Shadow Box for his son's Military Mementos
    Shadow Box using VELCRO® Brand Veltex
  • "Tracey, thank you for the samples. They arrived today and it works like a charm. As always; Velcro to the rescue! It is an awesome product."
    - Carol
  • "I called last week to inquire about getting some velcro scraps. A very nice lady answered the phone and was kind enough to just send me just what I needed for free. I REALLY appreciate the gesture."
    - T.
  • “We received the samples today and I have given them to the lead engineer on the project. Thank you for such amazing support!”
    - Ted
  • "The first batch of straps were perfect/awesome/excellent - please pass along to your seamstresses!"
    - Brenda
  • "Thank you for sending the color card.  It made my ordering a snap!"
    - Karen
  • "I want to thank the company for something. It really helps that you cut [each strip of hook and loop tape] into 6" strips for us. Saves a lot of time and torn-up fingers. So, we appreciate it. When I get emails from around the country asking about [our product], I always recommend your company as a source for reasonably priced hook and loop tape."
  • "Thanks! Great products and prices."
  • "The product was great. Worked perfectly for the wall I was putting it on"
  • "Smooth transaction."
  • "We had a little shipping problem, but the seller went above and beyond to correct the problem. Great customer service, Thank you!"
  • "Arrived several days early. Hooks with good quality backing."
  • "Item arrived a day early, exactly what I wanted for my project. Perfect fit for my need. Will order again from this site when needed."