What is hook and loop?

Hook and loop, popularly known as VELCRO® Brand fabric, is a relatively recent invention, but one that has changed how many people use it in the world around them. Essentially, hook and loop is the generic name for VELCRO® Brand-type materials. Hook and loop is the name given to the fastening system which uses two sides of material, hook and loop. The hook is the rough, scratchy side and the loop is the soft, fuzzy side. When brought together, the sides of the hook and loop fabric attach and create a super strong bond, that can still be pulled apart when needed.

Hook and Loop fabric material comes in two types: Sew on and Peel and Stick. Sew on refers to the material that is primarily used in a sewing application. The Peel and Stick refers to the hook and loop material that has a Glue or Adhesive backing lined with a release liner paper backing so it "sticks" to a surface when you remove the paper backing.

HookandLoop.com is an online supplier for hook and loop fasteners that can be customized to meet any number of needs, that’s why we are called "Hook and Loop". HookandLoop.com provides both the name brand DuraGrip® and VELCRO® Brand fasteners, along with quality customer service, and more than two decades of experience vending standard and custom products.

What about VELCRO® Brand fasteners?

  • Vecro brand straps

    VELCRO® Brand fasteners are the most well-known of the hook and loop fastener brands, and Hookandloop.com is an official re-seller of VELCRO® Brand products. The word "VELCRO®" is derived from the two French words velours ("velvet"), and crochet ("hook"). Hook and loop is the generic name for the products manufactured by Velcro USA. There are many retailers and manufacturers of hook and loop products, but the word "VELCRO®" has become synonymous with hook and loop fasteners.

  • Cockle Burrs

    Inspiration for VELCRO® Brand fasteners struck when inventor George de Mestral, who had returned from an outdoor excursion, examined burrs that had stuck to his clothing under a microscope. The magnification revealed the ingenious, natural design of the hook and loop. The inventor spent years perfecting the fastening system, and over time it became well-used in everything from space suits to wallets to tennis shoes.

  • Hook and Loop Industries

    Hook and loop fabric is made from synthetic materials, nylon and polyester, and can be used in a variety of applications. One industry to first adopt hook and loop for its useful application was the aerospace industry - the ease of getting in and out of a bulky space suit was greatly improved. Today hook and loop is used in many industries from transportation, clothing, and sports, and has transformed many products we use in everyday life. When you need a strong-yet-reversible bond, a fastener that uses hook and loop technology is the best choice.

What Can HookandLoop.com do for You?

Hookandloop.com is proud to be a supplier of the DuraGrip® brand of hook and loop in addition to being an authorized re-seller of VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Both of these high quality fasteners provide reliable strength for a huge array of products that are manufactured here. Interested in learning more about what HookandLoop.com can do for you? Contact our customer service team, or explore our website!

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