DuraGrip® FAQs

Q: What is Hook and Loop?

Hook and Loop is a fabric fastener comprised of a soft, fuzzy side and a rough, scratchy side. When pushed together, hundreds of tiny hooks engage the loops to form a strong fastener. This fastener has improved strength with vibration, is non-corrosive, and easily adjustable.


Q: Which side of the hook and loop fastener is which?

The soft, fuzzy side is the loop and the rough, scratchy side is the hook. The soft fuzzy loop side is sometimes referred to as "pile" by the military.

Q: Are there different strengths of hook and loop material?

Yes, there are many strengths of material from very weak to almost permanent. When you use very strong hook and loop fastener the cycle life is shorter than the weaker hook and loop fastener. Most applications use the DuraGrip brand for an excellent combination of strength and cycle life.

Q: Does the pressure sensitive (peel and stick)(PS) adhesive work well on most surfaces?

Yes, depending on your application there is an adhesive that should work for you. The major considerations are the surface that it sticks to (substrate), the temperature range (room temperature or hotter), and the environment (wet or dry). Generally, the standard rubber-based adhesive works well on most applications. This adhesive takes about 8 hours to cure and is the standard heavy-duty peel and stick adhesive.

Q: What is the widest hook and loop fastener I can get?

The widest that the standard hook and loop comes in is 4". The loop is also available in two types of special wide loop. The Regal and Premier loop is a wide, light duty loop, available in 28 different colors, that is used for display boards and is 60" wide and is sold by the lineal yard.

Q: How are the hook and loop fasteners sold?

Hook and loop fasteners are sold on 25 Yard rolls with the hook and loop sold separately. The DuraGrip hook and loop come on separate rolls, so you can purchase one side or the other, and are usually the same price.

Q: Can I get colors other than black or white?

 DuraGrip brand fasteners are produced in many colors for large orders. We can fill small orders for special colors if we can find the products in one of our warehouses. The prices are the same, but the minimum is 50 yards per color, per side. See color chart.

Q: Can I get special straps made from Duragrip brand material?

Yes. We manufacture custom straps in almost any length, color, and design.

Q: Can I get a product recommendation online?

Yes, please go to our Product Recommendation Form.

Q: Are DuraGrip brand fasteners available in round circles/dots/coins?

Yes, these are called coins and the hook and loop come on separate rolls that are equivalent to 25 yard rolls. The sizes vary form 1/2" to 1-7/8" and quantities per roll vary with the size.

Q: Are DuraGrip brand fasteners available in cut pieces?

Yes, we can cut squares, rectangles, or strips for you with our specialized cutting machine. There is no charge for cut lengths over 1". If you are using the same length hook and loop pieces, we can also mate them together for you at no extra charge. The yield for your pieces would be equivalent to the roll size (900 inches for a 25 yard roll) divided by the length of the cut piece.