Hook and Loop in Pregnancy

Over the course of nine months, there are many ways hook and loop closures become convenient, and even vital, for expecting parents. And once the baby has arrived, there are several products with hook and loop fasteners that can make life’s daily tasks faster and easier than ever before for new mothers.

Parenting is made easier with Velcro fasteners.

Doctors Visits

The usefulness of hook and loop straps begins early in a pregnancy, as a woman’s blood pressure must be tested on a regular basis to monitor her health. Beginning with monthly visits to her physician’s office and progressing to weekly checks, a blood pressure cuff is a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment that must be wrapped around the upper arm before it squeezes to determine the woman’s current pressure level. Securing the cuff around the exact size of the woman’s arm is the adjustable hook and loop fastener that makes this a quicker and easier process.

Some pregnant women may find themselves undergoing non-stress tests of their babies’ health in the latter stages of pregnancy. These non-invasive tests require that they wear monitors wrapped around their bodies that check their contractions and track their babies’ heart rates over a set period of time. These monitors are positioned over the pregnant belly and held in place with adjustable hook and loop straps. It's probably time to get used to more hook and loop in your life!


Disposable diapers are easier to take off and put on with hook and loop fasteners. Once the baby has been born, many mothers find hook and loop closures to be their saving grace as they run around and deal with the unpredictability and chaos of a newborn. Diaper changes are faster and easier when they are secured with hook and loop on both sides. Diaper bags and changing pads often use hook and loop fasteners to make them faster to access, avoiding messy situations.

Baby Clothes

In addition, pregnant women and mothers can appreciate the ease of use that these closures offer when dealing with their toddlers. For example, many toddler shoes feature VELCRO® Brand fasteners rather than shoelaces to make it simpler for parents to dress their kids and for the toddlers themselves to learn how to put on their footwear. Not only do these hook and loop fasteners make life easier for the parents, but they also help develop important motor skills in their little ones.

While many onesies utilize zippers or snaps, you'll find hook and loop on a number of outfits as well, especially costumes for dress up! Help encourage your kids' imaginations at play time with quick-change outfits using hook and loop. These fasteners, including those manufactured by the VELCRO® Brand, can significantly improve the lives of expecting parents and new mothers by providing quick and easy solutions for everyday parenting situations.

There's going to be a lot of hook and loop in your future. Time to embrace it! You may even find new and convenient ways to use these handy fasteners around the house, like securing your wet wipes dispenser to your changing table, or building your own interactive calendar, schedule, or weather chart. Good luck!


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