DuraGrip® Brand Straps VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Straps

DuraGrip® and VELCRO® Brand hook and loop straps are fully customizable, available in any size, color, or length! Cinch straps, back straps, face straps and two way face straps are all manufactured to order.

Manufacturing hook and loop straps from VELCRO® Brand fasteners and DuraGrip® brand fasteners is a large part of what we do every day. Heavy duty straps are made in bulk in four different styles. The four styles are cinch straps, back straps, face straps and two way face straps. Cinch straps are straps made with a ring or buckle for cinching tightly. The hook and loop both face the same direction with the hook running through the ring and coming back around to fasten to the loop. Cinch straps are used for bundling or hanging in applications where a tight, secure fit is paramount. Some examples are luggage straps, belts, medical braces or restraint straps. Hook and loop cinch straps can be made with a rectangular ring or buckle, or a D ring. Back straps are made with the hook and loop facing opposite directions. The hook wraps around, fastening to the loop like a cuff or bracelet. Back straps are used most often in cable management as cable ties for bundling cords or as patient straps for medical procedures. Face straps are made like back straps except the hook and loop face the same direction. Face straps are often made with a grommet for fastening to a wall or fixture with a screw, then bundling cable or wiring with the hook and loop. Two Way Face Straps are made just like a face strap but with an additional length of hook on the opposite end. These hook and loop straps feature a length of hook, then loop, then hook again, all facing the same direction. DuraGrip® or VELCRO straps can be used as connectors for braces and harnesses as well as supplementary equipment.

  • All straps are measured from material end to material end.
  • All straps are made to order and may result in a lead time of up to 1 day.
  • For any questions or concerns about the length, size, style or colors available for each strap, please call us at (800) 940-6934

If you are interested in having your company name logo imprinted on your DuraGrip® or VELCRO straps, there is a one-time charge of $50.00 to make the cliché of your imprint and a $20.00 art set up fee per order. Pricing varies depending on strap style, length and quantity. Call us today at 1-800-940-6934 or email us.

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