Non-Disclosure Agreements

A common question we hear has to do with idea and product protection: will we sign an NDA? Absolutely. We are not in the business of stealing ideas, we want to help you make your idea succeed! So how can we get started doing that, you might ask.

Non-disclosure agreement

What Is An NDA?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA, is a legally binding contract that establishes a confidential relationship. The parties signing the agreement agree that any sensitive information obtained through communication will not be made available to other parties outside of the agreement. In short, what is discussed between us stays between us.

How Do We Get Started?

Often, customers have their own NDA they would like us to sign. That's simple enough. Once you've contacted us, just let us know you'd like us to sign your NDA and provide it via email to [email protected]. Alternatively, we have a basic NDA available here for you to access and sign. Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, you can feel free to discuss your plans or design with us.

Project Details

If you have any drawings, photos, or sketches of your finished product or of a test product, you can provide those via email. Some customers find that supplying us with one of their physical samples is more helpful. You can mail that to our address. Sometimes the application is unique, but the product is simple enough that a thorough description is all that's needed for next steps.
Once we've established what you're looking for, we can begin making samples for testing. Once the product has been finalized, you are ready to start placing orders!

4D Program

The 4D Program is a free service we offer to help you get your product from the idea stage to a physical working sample. You can read more about it here. Essentially, we work with you to define your product in the discovery stage, then design a test sample based on the initial discussion. This is often followed by refining your product in the development stage before we deliver your product to you in production.

NDA Template

We've included a template non-disclosure agreement here for you to reference. You may also sign and request our signature on the below document in order to enter into an agreement with Simply email us with your request and the attached document and we will sign and return it to you.

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