Die Cutting Hook for Patches

Everyone is familiar with patches. Lots of patches use the hook side of hook and loop fasteners to allow the patches to fasten to jackets, bags, boards, walls, and so much more. At HookandLoop.com, we die cut the hook to fit onto the backs of patches for several customers so they can sew the hook onto their patches.

Custom dies on hook fasteners for patches

Patch Shapes

Several patches are made in standard shapes like rectangles and circles. Some of these shapes can even be strip cut with our strip cutting machines for free! But other shapes are very unique and require a custom die to cut them out. This is no problem.

Custom Dies

We'll make a custom die to fit your exact shape so that the hook pieces we provide will fit perfectly onto the back of your patches. The dies typically take about 5 business days before it's made and ready to use. These dies range in cost typically anywhere from $50-$100. After that, we can start your order!

Die Cutting Process

Our die cutting process involves a clicker press and either steel or aluminum dies, depending on the complexity of the die design. We line up the die over the hook material, swing the clicker press over the die, and press the buttons bringing the press down onto the die and hook material. The die is pressed through the hook, cutting it into the desired shape. This process is then repeated until the order is complete.

Fast Turnaround Times

Once the die is made, most orders are shipped out within 3 business days. So once you place your order, you'll typically have your die cut pieces within about 8 business days. Now that's fast!

Low Minimums

We typically require that you purchase a full roll's worth of material, which is 25 yards. So the actual piece count will depend on the size of the die cut. You can even specify the number of pieces you want. If you're interested in our die cutting service for your patches, contact us today to get started. You can call us at (800) 940-6934 or email us at info@hookandloop.com.