Shipping Lead Times

We're often asked how long it takes to ship an order and whether we have certain products in stock. While there's no single broad answer to these questions, we pride ourselves on our super fast turnaround time.
Shipping Materials

Stock Items

We offer dozens of different products available in several widths, brands, adhesives, and colors. Most of these products are stocked. Upwards of 70-90% of what we offer is held in stock in varying quantities. Most products we stock between 50-300 yards, though for some popular products we stock thousands of yards.
These products can all ship same day or next business day. Usually our cutoff to get an order out same day is 2pm EST for expedited shipments and 3pm EST for ground shipments. Occasionally, we've been able to ship out orders as late as 4pm EST but we cannot guarantee an order will ship same day after these cutoff times.

Out of Stock Items

Since we source our products from multiple manufacturers, most of our stock can be replaced within 1-2 business days. For certain SKUs, like adhesive backed colors and wide loop, the lead times are typically about a week, but can sometimes take longer. It's standard operating procedure for us to ship out orders the same day we receive the material, so there is no added delay in getting your products to you.

Specialty Fasteners

The above sections cover almost all of our products, but we do also offer specialty fasteners that may take longer to bring in. Lead times for these items varies, but is usually between 1-6 weeks. Occasionally some products may have a lead time of 12-16 weeks, but these are typically either made to order via a custom run, or involve long transit times from overseas. These products generally require a minimum order quantity, or MOQ, which varies based on the product. We can provide accurate lead times for these products same day in most cases, or within a few days if it requires feedback from the manufacturer's facility directly.

Converted Orders and Straps

A large chunk of our business involves customizing the hook and loop for our customers. This can be cutting it to length, cutting and mating the hook and loop sides together, die cutting, sewing, or manufacturing straps. For these orders, we will always provide an estimated lead time when your order is placed or a quote is requested.
Most cut orders are not impacted by any additional time to cut the material. For large orders, ones that are typically palletized, it may take up to 5 business days to process an order due to receiving the material, cutting it, palletizing it, and scheduling freight pick up.
For die cutting, there is usually a 5 business day lead time for the die and then 1-5 business days to cut the material. Large orders may experience longer lead times though.
Small strap orders are often made and shipped the same day, but larger orders of 1,000+ straps may take up to two weeks. The vast majority of our strap orders ship within one week. We try hard to avoid lead times longer than 2 weeks so our customers know and can rely on receiving their orders quickly. When a strap order involves sewing, it may skew toward the longer end of this timeframe as sewing is a more time-consuming process.

Rare Delays in Shipping

We've been in business over 30 years and our lead times have always been very precise. Generally speaking, when we say your order will ship by a certain date, it will ship before or by that date. We're particularly good at meeting our quoted lead times when we have the material. However, due to supply chain issues, we sometimes have to rely on the lead times of others. This doesn't happen often, but warrants mentioning given the global supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19. We ask for your patience and understanding if a lead time gets pushed back due to a delay in receiving the material. It's our policy to let you know as soon as possible if a lead time doesn't look like it will be met. We can sometimes offer a partial shipment to supplement your inventory.