COVID Mitigation

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are trying to adjust as quickly and effectively as they can. Here are some applications, tips, and suggestions for ways your business can utilize hook and loop to provide a safe and productive environment in a variety of industries.

Social Distancing Solutions

Social distance guidelines recommend maintaining at least 6 feet of space whenever possible. This means that seating plans need to be adjusted. Floor plans needs to be altered. Traffic flow needs to be controlled. Hook and loop products are available to help which each of these and we offer products that can match your color scheme and be branded with your logo.

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There are also adhesive backed hook and loop products for hanging signage and sew on hook fasteners are ideal for marking carpet.

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Social Distancing Recommendations By Industry

Tips, suggestions and recommendations for social distancing solutions tailored to your specific industry.

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PPE Hook and Loop Solutions

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has been in high demand since this pandemic began. Many manufacturers have transitioned from making their own products to manufacturing face shield and face masks. Our hook and loop can help. We've provided sew on fasteners for face shield manufacturers and we've made back straps and two way face straps for other face shield and face mask manufacturers as a component of their assembly. If you need hook and loop products for your PPE solutions, we can help.

Face Shields and Masks


COVID Tracker

We'll keep you up to date on the latest news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic from Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

August 7th, 2020

The US CDC reported 4.80M total cases and 157,631 deaths including 1,320 new deaths. The US will likely reach 5 million cases by the end of this weekend or Monday. In total, 13 states are reporting more than 100,000 cases, including California with more than 500,000, Florida with nearly 500,000, and Texas with more than 450,000. The US may be approaching a peak in terms of daily mortality. Numerous countries around the world that previously had success against COVID-19 are experiencing an increase in incidence. Several countries in East and Southeast Asia are now taking renewed action against COVID-19 due to increases in transmission, including Japan and South Korea.

August 5th, 2020

The US CDC reported 4.70M total cases and 155,204 deaths including 733 new deaths. The US has reported fewer than 1,000 new deaths for the second consecutive day but this may be due in part to delays in weekend reporting. 13 states are reporting more than 100,000 cases with California surpassing 500,000 cases while Florida has passed 475,000. The Florida Department of Health is reporting more than 500,000 cumulative cases so that should be reflected in the CDC's reporting in the next couple of days. New York and Texas are each reporting more than 400,000 cases. Clinicians and researchers are investigating potential lingering health effects after COVID-19 patients recover from the acute stage of the disease. Much of the early research addresses treatment for the acute symptoms, particularl severe and life-threatening disease. More longitudinal studies are tracking patients after their recovery to identify conditions and symptoms that could last for months or longer including respiratory symptoms, but also the possibility of infecting a broad range of tissues including cognitive function and cardiological symptoms.

August 3rd, 2020

The US CDC reported 4.60M total cases and 154,002 deaths including 1,132 new deaths. The US has reported more than 1,000 new deaths for 10 of the past 12 days. California has surpassed 500,000 cases while Florida is approaching 475,000. New York and Texas are each reporting more than 400,000 cases and 9 additional states are reporting 100,000+ cases. Several candidate vaccines have initiated Phase 3 clinical trials which are much larger (involving tens of thousands of people instead of dozens or hundreds) and will provide a wealth of detailed safety and efficacy data over the next several months. These Phase 3 trials will also help to indicate the long-term efficacy of potential vaccines, whether seasonal boosters are necessary or if a single one-time vaccination is sufficient. A cruise ship operating out of Norway has experienced an outbreak of at least 40 passengers and crew, forcing the cruise line to suspend all of its cruises.

July 31st, 2020

The US CDC reported 4.41M total cases with 65,935 new cases and 150,283 deaths including 1,417 new deaths. California is reporting more than 475,000 cases while Florida, New York and Texas are each reporting more than 400,000 cases. 10 additional states are reporting 100,000+ cases. Recent studies may indicate that despite SARS-CoV-2 persisting and shedding from the body for more than 80 days in some cases, it only remains viable and infectious for approximately one week after the onset of symptoms. The authors conclude that PCR testing is likely not a good tool for evaluating patient recovery, because viral RNA is detectable long after the end of the infectious period.

July 29th, 2020

The US CDC reported 4.28M total cases and 147,672 deaths including 1,126 new deaths. California is reporting more than 450,000 cases while Florida and New York are each reporting more than 400,000 cases and Texas reports more than 375,000 cases. 8 additional states are reporting 100,000+ cases.


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