Social Distancing for Restaurants

Empty tables, set and ready for guests in a restaurant

With restaurants reopening across the country, social distancing is an integral part of each business's plan. Maximizing outdoor seating is one way restaurants can accommodate more customers, but for indoor dining, there are a few ways businesses can alter their floor plan to meet local and state regulations and hook and loop can help!

Cordoning Off Areas

Hook and loop straps are a quick and affordable way to block entry to areas restaurants may need to keep guests from entering such as private parties, staff only areas, drink stations, buffets, etc.

Blocking Off Tables

To ensure proper social distancing is taking place, many restaurants will need to mark tables as out of use. Using hook and loop back straps is an easy way to hang signage to indicate a table is not available.

Marking Chairs

Straps can be used on chairs too, but you can also use adhesive backed hook and loop to mark chairs for social distancing. Just place a piece of loop with adhesive backing onto the seat or the back of your chairs and then add a sign with a piece of adhesive backed hook to it. Then you can apply your signage wherever you want and it's easy enough to switch out signs as needed.


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