Social Distancing In The Classroom

Hook and loop used in the classroom for various activities

Schools are getting ready to reopen across the country and social distancing and face masks are going to play an important role in protecting both students and staff. These proactive measures can be implemented at bus stops, on school busses, in the classroom and in the cafeteria. Posting policy and instructions makes things clearer to students. Teaching outside, using markers to indicate where students can sit or stand, and other helpful social distancing tips will make things safer for everyone. Here are a few quick suggestions for how to use hook and loop to optimize classrooms and social distance at schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seat Markers

Probably the easiest way to social distance in classrooms is by using pieces of hook as floor markers. These will stay in place and can be set six feet apart for proper social distancing. The hook side is available on 25 yard rolls and as wide as 4" in a variety of colors. We can cut this to 4" squares for free or we can die cut this material into circles for an additional charge. To find out more about our die cutting services, email us. Otherwise, you can find the rolls of hook on our Sew On products page.

Separating Desks and Chairs

To ensure proper social distancing is taking place, hook and loop straps can mark off chairs and desks that are off limits. Our straps are custom made to order and most orders can ship within a day or so.

Hanging Signs

Adhesive backed hook and loop is a great way to hang up temporary signage or to display any information upon entry to a room or building. Proper distancing rules can be prominently displayed with Just a couple pieces of hook and loop. This is also an easy way to switch out signs whenever needed.

Floor Traffic Markers

Another great use of hook is to mark the correct travel paths or routes on the floor so that there are fewer close interactions between staff and students. We've all seen the tape markers on the floor of our local supermarket. Hook can be used to serve the same purpose for carpeted flooring! It's as simple as cutting off a length of the hook and laying it down onto the carpet. Plus it's much easier to adjust than tape and it's reusable. We recommend 1.5" or 2" wide sew on material for this.

Move Classes Outside

Getting everyone outside should help reduce exposure to COVID-19. This is especially useful for any large gatherings that may be necessary. Combining this with face masks or proper social distancing will help keep everyone as safe as possible.