Social Distancing At Sporting Events

Large soccer stadium filled with fans at night

Sports are starting back up and as they begin to allow fans in limited capacities, there will be some precautions put in place that may be changing frequently. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all learned that information can change rapidly. That's why it's important to take appropriate steps to protect players, staff and fans, but to also be able to quickly and easily make adjustments to those plans. If you are looking for COVID-19 mitigation, or if you have guidelines or prevention measures you need to take for your event or organization, these social distancing tips are a great way to start. Football stadiums, arenas and other venues are going to require policy efforts to reduce risk to patrons. Here's some ways hook and loop can help you make your sporting event as safe and easy to use as possible.

Social Distancing Chair Straps

There are lots of ways to mark off seating whether at team facilities, team offices and film rooms, or the stadiums and arenas themselves. Hook and loop with adhesive backing can be used to hang laminated signs stating which seats are off limits for proper social distancing. Hook and loop cinch straps can be used to cordon off individual seats or blocks of seats. Both options allow for easy adjusting and swapping out of signage. Our custom made cinch straps allow for logo imprinting, special sizing, unique colors to match your color scheme and more.

Socially Distanced Lines

When concessions open back up, maintaining six feet of space will be critical. Using sew on hook on carpet as a marker is an easy way to space out your guests and keep everyone safe. In concrete or tiled areas, adhesive backed hook and loop can be used as markers or to post policy or protocols as well.


Adhesive backed hook and loop can be used to hang up laminated signs to indicate proper bathroom use, social distance queues, food and mask requirements and so much more. These fasteners can also be used to hang banners and other signage that may be set up to cover empty seats with advertising. Plus it's easy to switch out frequently.

Traffic Flow Indication

A key way to keep people properly distanced is to use indicators on the floor to direct the flow of traffic. Hook can be used for this same purpose and it's especially useful on carpet. The 2" wide sew on hook is probably the best bet for this. And we cut the hook and loop to length for free which will save you tons of time.