Ways For Churches To Use Social Distancing

Hook and loop being used in a church to mark off seating for children

Churches have to meet social distancing guidelines in order to be open during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many ways to ensure proper social distancing for churches. For instance, marking off areas or seating, hanging signs that provide proper instructions, wearing protective gear, and so much more. Whether it's for a wedding, a baptism, Sunday service, or any number of fellowship activities like bingo, bible study, and youth groups, these social distance guidelines for churches will help keep everyone safe. We'll touch base on some of these options to make things easier for churches as they reopen.

Social Distancing Signs

Using adhesive backed hook and loop is a great way to hang laminated social distancing signs. These can easily be hung up and moved around, and you can change the signage as needed. These removable signs can provide instructions for where to sit, how much distance to maintain, proper hand washing instructions and so much more.

Blocking Off Seating

Different churches have different seating options, from chairs to pews. These can easily be cordoned off with strips of hook and loop and signs can easily be attached with instructions. Rows of chairs can be blocked off with hook and loop social distancing straps to indicate that proper spacing is required. This will be much easier than rearranging or moving seating in churches, which can often times be heavy and cumbersome. If you use pew markers for social distancing, you don't have to move your extra seating or figure out where to store it!

Social Distancing Floor Markers

Communion is a common part of several church services and can prove to be a difficult task when trying to properly maintain distance. By adding labels to the floor, it can make things easier for participants to know where to go, how to get there, and how much space to leave between them. Hook is great for floor markers on carpet where the hook side can stick right in place and is easily moved and adjusted if needed. We recommend 1.5" or 2" wide hook for this.

Face Masks and Shields

Face masks may cause an issue with choir practice, but it may also be the best way to limit any potential spread of the virus. Dividers and lots of space between participants will also help to keep everyone as safe as possible. Consider practicing virtually through a zoom meeting as well. Virtual services may also be a solution.

Move Service Outside

Another way that can help minimize the spread of Coronavirus is to see if you can have service outside. Studies have shown that this virus is harder to spread outdoors, so combining some of these distancing measures with an outdoor environment may be just what you need to get your services back up and running again.