Certificate of Conformance and other Documentation

A certificate of conformance is documentation that certifies the material you receive meets a specific requirement. Also referred to as a certificate of compliance, these are sometimes shortened completely to just C of C. This documentation is requested for a variety of reasons and helps our customers keep track of their material while also being able to trace them back to the original source should they need to. Here are some reasons our customers have requested a C of C.

Mil-Spec Certification

Most frequently, we certify material as mil-spec. Mil-spec is short for military specification and there are different call outs for various materials. The most common one for hook and loop products is AA55126 rev. C. Within this call out are certain types and classes that signify what the material is made of and what style of fastener to use. The mil-spec material that we stock is Type II, Class 1. As such, our customers will usually require documentation that says the material they receive meets the requirements for the call out, type and class.

Berry Compliance

Another type of documentation often requested alongside mil-spec certification is Berry compliance. A certificate of compliance for the Berry Amendment states that the material is manufactured and sourced from within the US. Our Type II, Class 1 mil-spec material is not Berry compliant, but all mil-spec material that we source from the Velcro Companies is Berry Amendment compliant.

Fire Retardant Burn Certificate

Another product that often requires documentation is our fire retardant hook and loop. This material receives a coating that allows it to burn slower. When requested, we provide the burn test report that shows the material meets FAA regulations for burn speed as well as a C of C indicating that the material provided is in fact fire retardant material that meets those requirements.

Manufacturer Certificate

We also get occasional requests that a certificate of conformance be provided showing that the material received is from a certain manufacturer.

Purchase Order Conformance

In addition to all of these reasons for certification, we also provide these certificates of compliance for customers with purchase order requirements. A customer may request that the assembly of their strap is done in a specific way or with certain material, or they may need their order otherwise converted or shipped or packaged according to instruction on their PO.

What Is A C of C?

All C of Cs state that the material provided meets the requirement requested, but they also generally include details like the date of the order, the specific items ordered including part numbers, and the lot number which can be used to help source the material should there be any issues.

At HookandLoop.com, we don’t provide a certificate of conformance as a matter of course, but we are happy to provide one when requested. A physical copy is generally included in the shipment although we do also provide an emailed copy if you prefer to receive it digitally.