Place an Order on Our New Strap Order Page

Our new strap order page is designed to simplify the process of placing orders for our straps made with VELCRO® Brand fasteners and DuraGrip Brand hook and loop. The page lets you define the specific type of strap that you want with only a few clicks of a computer button. We offer four different types of hook and loop straps, namely the cinch strap with ring, back strap, face strap and the two way face strap. You can also order for customized lengths and designs of the straps that suit your unique preferences.

Order your Velcro strap made to order

Selecting the Strap Style

When you open our new strap page, you will be taken to a simple, user-friendly dashboard where you can buy hook and loop. The first item in the order form is the selection of a strap style. The four hook and loop straps are clearly displayed on the page. If you are interested in the cinch, back, two way face, or the face strap, all you need is to check one of the active buttons to the left of the image of each of the options to make your selection.

Selecting Product Details

The “Select Product Details” section of the order form has four fields to fill. First, you are asked to choose the material that you would like your strap to be made of. You can select either DuraGrip or the VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners. Our DuraGrip brand material is a low cost alternative to the VELCRO® Brand. It is a little bit stiffer and has a little bit stronger closure strength whereas the VELCRO® Brand fasteners are a little softer and more pliable.

With the material selected, the next step is to specify the width and length of your strap. When you click the “Select Width” field, a drop down list of pre-defined width options opens. The “Enter Strap Length” field allows you to type in the preferred length of the strap you are ordering. We measure our straps from material end to material end, so you should account for an additional 3"+ when basing length on the circumference of what you will be strapping. You can enter a completely custom length or use the Up and Down arrows to specify the length of your strap in inches. The next action is to specify the quantity of the straps that you would like to order. We have a minimum order requirement of 25.