Mil-Spec Hook and Loop Fasteners

Mil-Spec hook and loop fasteners, sometimes referred to as hook and pile, means hook and loop products that are made to a particular military specification. The general callout for mil-spec hook and pile material is AA55126, but within that callout are different types and classes. Types and classes specify which kind of hook product and which kind of loop product is needed.

Mil-Spec Hook and Loop fasteners come with or without a selvage edge, seen here.

Mil-Spec Types and classes

Types apply to the hook product only. They indicate the thickness of the monofilament and whether the hook is made of extruded plastic or not. Classes apply to both the hook and the loop. Depending on the class, hook and pile can be made of aramid yarn for high temperature applications or nylon or polyester with and without a selvage edge. A selvage edge is a narrow strip along the top and bottom of the material where there is no hook or loop. Its purpose is to provide an area to sew through.

What We Carry

We only carry the type II, class 1 fasteners which are an 8.0 mil woven nylon hook and loop with selvage. These Mil-Spec hook and loop fasteners are available in our DuraGrip Brand in several widths from 3/8” up to 6”. We also offer hook and pile in over 20 colors.
For other types and classes, we request a quote from VELCRO USA and they provide us minimums and lead times which we can then pass along to the customer.

Military Colors

Among the 25 colors available that meet the type II, class 1 mil-spec are several military colors. These colors include coyote brown, coyote tan, foliage green, ranger green, olive drab and more.

Berry Compliance

The Berry amendment requires the DOD to give preference to domestic materials, i.e. products made in the US. These DuraGrip Brand hook and loop products are manufactured overseas and therefore are not Berry compliant. For all Berry compliant material purchases we recommend the VELCRO® Brand hook and loop products as they are manufactured in the US.