5 Reasons to Always Have Hook and Loop on Hand

Hook and loop is a very versatile product that can be very useful around the house and in everyday life. Here are 5 reasons why you should make sure you keep VELCRO® Brand fasteners on hand.

Light Blue Hook and Loop1

Prevent Household Objects from Sliding

A sliding carpet can be frustrating and often times can be dangerous. You can keep those carpets and throw rugs in place with a few strips of hook and loop. Table cloths can become a nuisance when they are not kept in place. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are a perfect solution to this problem. You can also keep seat cushions from sliding off of your chairs. There's nothing more annoying than being uncomfortable because of a stubborn chair cushion. Finally, you can protect your hardwood floors from furniture leg scratches with some loop coins.

Keep Organized in an Emergency

When the power is out, if you can't find a flashlight it can make navigating your home dangerous and nearly impossible. Imagine if you knew that you had flashlights throughout your home that were hidden but readily accessible. VELCRO® Brand adhesive backed fasteners can be used to secure flashlights to the back of nightstands, in hallways, or in closets. You can place items you need in an emergency virtually anywhere and you'll know they will be there ready for you to use when you need them the most.

Keep Your Electronics Organized

In today's world, there seems to be a never-ending mess of cords and other equipment that keep us in touch with the world of technology. Hide those messy cords and keep them organized using VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® and cable ties. You can also organize external hard drives and even your remotes using hook and loop strips. You can adhere these items anywhere and keep them out of sight. No more looking at or untangling messy cords. Imagine being able to find the remote easily every time!

Keep Spices and Kitchen Items Organized

Eliminate the need for a spice rack, or save on space with a little hook and loop. Spices can be adhered to the inside of kitchen cabinets keeping them organized and hidden. You can attach children's cups to the fridge to help them easily get water. You can also keep stubborn cabinets closed by adhering a little piece of adhesive backed hook and loop to keep the cabinet doors in place.

Watch Your Phone or Tablet Hands-Free

You can use VELCRO® Brand hook and loop to adhere your phone or tablet to almost anything. Watch a movie while you cook just by adhering your tablet to a cabinet in your kitchen! Keep your kids busy on a family vacation, just attach your device to the back of one of your cars headrests with some hook and loop. Straps work well for this too!

Hook and loop has many uses and should have a place in your home next to other handy items like glue or tape. The practical applications of handy fasteners are enormous. It's a must have item!