Staying in the Loop: Bikes, Scooters and Horns

Staying in the Loop highlights unique applications.

A Bike Bag That Doesn't Get in the Way

One of the biggest issues for cyclists is where to store all of their stuff while they're riding. Whether it's off-road touring or city street cycling, this tangle bag provides a storage solution. It straps to the bike frame with hook and loop, staying in place and providing enough room to store repair kits, ponchos and even some snacks, among other essentials.

A Scooter Belt?

A Hungarian designer developed this scooter that uses hook and loop to fold up into a wearable belt. It failed to hit it's goal on indiegogo pretty spectacularly, but it's still a pretty neat idea and just one more way people use hook and loop to modify and improve upon designs.

Safety Horn Protects Against Wildlife

A company in New Jersey manufactures compressed gas canisters of varying sizes. One of the applications is a horn that produces a loud piercing blast that can scare off threatening wildlife or notify rescuers of someone's whereabouts. The horn is connected to a hook and loop strap which allows it to be carried easily for quick access and convenience. It's a handy little tool for campers, hikers or boaters.