Pet Products That Utilize Hook and Loop

The amazing utility and convenience of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners is known far and wide among humans. Countless products that we use everyday rely on the versatility and usability of this unique fastener. What most people don't realize however is how valuable hook and loop is among pet products as well. Check out this list of products for pets that utilize hook and loop fasteners for more details!

1. Dog ID Collars: Dog ID Collars need to be sturdy so they don't fall off, but easy to release to keep from holding up veterinarians and pet owners who use these collars to identify newborns and those with illnesses or disabilities. You can often find hook and loop on ID collars as it's the perfect solution for quickly distinguishing individuals among a new litter.

2. Pet Jackets and Clothing: Hook and loop on the seams of clothing is easier than buttons or zippers for pet clothing, where getting the garment on and off easily is important. People love dressing their pets up in shirts and bow ties and tutus and costumes. There are a ton of fun products that utilize hook and loop.

3. Cat and Dog Toys: VELCRO® Brand fasteners are used to allow for the construction of creative and different pet toys for your pet to play with. Some toys, like the Rip N Tug, use hook and loop to hide treats inside a ball so pets can have fun "tearing the toy apart" and get rewarded with some treats. Then the toy can be re-used over and over again.

4. GPS Trackers: Taking your dog to a new park or campground and worried they may run off? By using a band with a GPS tracking device and some hook and loop, you can easily and securely attach it to your dogs collar in case they wander off.

5. Pet FitBit: If your cat or dog needs to lose a little weight, tracking it's activity and steps with a pedometer like the FitBark or PetFit device to keep up with your pets movements. These devices are often attached with hook and loop for convenience.

6. Pet Beds and Covers: Dog and cat hair and dander are a real problem when guests come over and the number one culprit is usually where your pet sleeps. Try attaching covers with hook and loop to your pet's bed. This will allow for easy removal and replacement of the cover so you can wash it and replace it easily.

As you can see from the list above, hook and loop is an important and common part of many of our favorite and most used pet products. VELCRO®: Brand fasteners can also be handy when modifying existing pet products to be safer and more convenient to use. So while it may be common to think of hook and loop as a product that helps improve our lives in the human world, don't forget about the vast world of animal products it also helps improve.