5 Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Kids With Velcro® Brand Fasteners

Clothing, sports equipment, home improvement—hook and loop fasteners show up in many applications. Even many toys and games feature hook and loop fastenings. Sometimes known better by brand names such as Velcro® or DuraGrip®, hook and loop fasteners come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, colors, and strengths. It even supplies the basis for a hilarious carnival game where participants don suits made with Velcro® brand fasteners and then run and jump on a springboard, launching themselves to affix their bodies as high as possible on a wall made of Velcro® Brand wide loop.

However, having fun with hook and loop fasteners need not be so physical. Because of its versatility, hook and loop fasteners are great for kids’ toys and projects, and most are easy and inexpensive to make. For infants and toddlers, simple matching games are more fun when shapes stick where they should. For older kids, more physical and challenging games and crafts await, from sight word ball games to organizers. All of the following hook and loop fastener crafts provide fun and affordable parent-child activities that are (dare we say it) educational as well.

As with any toy, use your best judgment as to its appropriateness for a child, and always supervise toddlers and preschoolers since small parts may pose a choking hazard. Check out some of these art and craft ideas for kids using hook and loop!

1. Dartboard with
VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners

Age Range: 2 and up
Craft Skill Level: Simple
Materials: Felt, peel and stick Velcro® brand fasteners, ping pong balls, glue, scissors

Give younger kids a chance to play darts—safely! With ping pong balls covered in Velcro® brand fasteners and a felt target, kids get a great hand-eye coordination building activity along with hours of fun learning to play with others. Allow younger players to stand closer to the target, and make older players stand back a little further.

For detailed instructions on making a hook and loop dartboard, check out education.com.

2. Shape Sticks

Age Range: 2-5
Craft Skill Level: Simple
Materials: Craft sticks (aka tongue depressors), peel and stick Velcro® brand VELCOIN fasteners, non-toxic markers (optional)

Tongue depressors and hook & loop fasteners combine to make shapes! Tongue depressors and hook & loop fasteners combine to make shapes.[/caption]

Teaching kids shapes takes on a new twist when you provide them with the means to build shapes themselves. Simple craft sticks, colored with a marker, if desired, become shape-making machines with the addition of Velcro® Brand VELCOIN dots

Here’s a great way to keep young ones occupied. It requires some basic sewing skills, but the results are fabulous. Fish shapes cut from fabric are sewn together and stuffed. Each fish has felt components in addition to Velcro® brand loop fasteners for eyes. The fish adhere to a felt “fishing hook” with Velcro® brand hook fasteners attached to it that’s suspended from a dowel by string.

This blog has complete instructions, including fish cutting patterns, to make this game.

4. Play Catch With a Ball Made of Velcro® Brand Fasteners

Age Range: 2 and up
Craft Skill Level: Simple
Materials: Inexpensive knit gloves, whiffle ball, peel and stick Velcro® brand VELCOIN fasteners

This is one of our favorite VELCRO® Brand activities for toddlers. Learning to catch a ball is a major accomplishment for young kids. A good way to help them gain confidence while honing their hand-eye coordination is with a ball made of Velcro® brand fasteners and a set of gloves. All it requires is a pair of gloves and a whiffle ball with eight or so Velcro® brand VELCOIN fasteners affixed to it. Have the child don the gloves, gently toss the ball to them, and enjoy the delight on their face when they actually catch it.

For detailed instructions, go to: creativeconnectionsforkids.com.

5. Reusable Foam Chains

Age Range: 2-5
Craft Skill Level: Simple
Materials: Craft foam sheets, Velcro® brand VELCOIN fasteners, hot glue gun

Get festive with a foam chain.

Forget paper chains—they always come apart too easily. Craft foam sheets create durable “paper” chain strips. Using Velcro® brand VELCOIN fasteners on the ends makes it possible to create a chain, over and over again. Using a bit of hot glue on the Velcro® brand fasteners ensures the dots stay put for a long time. Consider using patterned paper or glitter for a more festive look—these make great party decorations for kids!

See detailed directions and pictures of craft foam chains here.

Get Creative

These are just a few of the arts and crafts ideas to turn Velcro® brand fasteners into a great activity for kids. For an activity for older kids, give them some hook and loop fasteners and a few other craft supplies, and see what they create. You can also fiddle around with some yourself to come up with your own kid-friendly VELCRO® Brand crafts.