Hook and Loop in the Hospitality Industry

DuraGrip® and VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners have provided display, organization and storage solutions to individuals, businesses, and the hospitality industry for more than four decades. Much more than a simple fastening alternative for shoes and apparel, these fasteners are used by hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, and catering companies every day. Products are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, including sew-on and peel-and-stick. Standard hook and loop fasteners can hold up to 14 pounds per square inch and can be opened and closed thousands of times.

Hook and loop coins are a great way to secure linens to tables or secure supplies to carts.

Adhesive Backed Hook and Loop

Round hook and loop coins come with an adhesive backing. This makes it a snap to attach and change out decorative table skirts or to keep cleaning products organized and easy to find. Adhesive backed fasteners are even used to secure facades and baseboards in place in hotel banquet rooms and convention centers. They are especially useful on display panels and menu boards.

Cinch straps are great for bundling linens and other supplies.

Hook and Loop Straps

Hotels use cable ties to safely and securely bundle electrical cords and other types of wire. Hook and loop straps secure things in place and organize spaces with ease. Straps are easier to reuse and refasten than traditional plastic zip ties. Housekeeping carts secure cleaning supplies with straps. Catering companies, banquet halls, and restaurants use them for the storage of linens, towels, accessories and other items. Straps bundle items together and secure them tightly. Have your straps logo imprinted for branding purposes. They're perfect for hand outs and giveaways at conventions and other large gatherings as well.

Sew on and iron on hook and loop are great for nametags.

Iron On and Sew On Fasteners

The hotel industry has several uses for sew on hook and loop. It's great for fitting bed skirts or table cloths, as well as a useful alternative for nametag plates on uniforms for housekeeping, kitchen, and wait staff. There are even iron on adhesives to make this process easier. The hospitality industry uses these fasteners in tons of ways to make life easier.


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