Use Velcro ® to Keep Your Kids Busy at Sporting Events

Sporting events offer a wonderful opportunity for kids to watch professional players in action and learn exactly what it takes to succeed in their favorite sport. Yet, many of the best sporting events can go long, causing kids to become antsy and agitated. While you may not be able to fast-forward to the winning goal, you can come prepared to keep your kid occupied. Whether you are headed to an older sibling’s peewee league or showing support for your college alma mater, try these fun VELCRO® Brand activities that will have your kid looking forward to the next game.


Start with a Sticky Board
There is no denying that kids love Velcro ® brand hook and loop fasteners and they are handy for keeping their playing pieces in place. Grab a piece of cardboard, and use a stapler, a hot glue gun, or double-sided tape to attach wide loop to the surface. Then, add Velcro ® brand hook dots to the backs of your child’s favorite toys. Animal magnets, letters, puzzle pieces and abstract cut out shapes can all be used for creative inspiration. This sticky board can also be used as a base for a variety of games that are suited for children of all ages.

Make Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Tongue depressors and hook & loop fasteners combine to make shapes!

For smaller children who find puzzle pieces too complicated, try making your own out of large Popsicle sticks. Simply tape several sticks together on the back. Then, print out a picture and glue it to the top. Once the glue dries, remove the tape and use a knife to cut the sticks apart. Place a Velcro ® brand hook dot on the back of each stick, and your child will be ready to put it together on their sticky board.

Create Silly Faces
Kids love mixing humor and creativity, and creating silly faces can keep them busy for hours. Start by cutting out a simple oval face shape from felt. Then, cut out a variety of different shaped eyes, ears and other facial features. Finish by adding some Velcro ® brand hook pieces and watch your child laugh their way through the game.

Add Game Pieces for Older Kids
The sticky board can also be used for older kids who may prefer strategic games and puzzles. Try using strips of felt to create a tic-tac-toe board, and make game pieces by attaching Velcro® Brand coins to anything your child enjoys such as coins or buttons. Velcro ® brand hook and loop can also keep tiny game pieces, such as checkers, from getting lost during the game.

Prepare for your next long sporting event by creating a little fun for your kids. As they move their playing pieces around on the sticky board, they will be mesmerized by the magic. Be sure to change up the playing pieces from time to time, and you will always have a trick up your sleeve that will ensure you never miss that big play.


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