National Bike to Work Week: May 11th to 15th

At we want to highlight that May is National Bike Month. The League of American Cyclists represents bicyclists in the movement to create ?safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. As part of their efforts, they organize National Bike to Work Week, which runs from May 11th to May 15th this year.

bike to work

Whether you are a four season bike commuter or a recreational cyclist, chances are you’ve enjoyed a better biking experience because of hook and loop. Hook and loop fasteners play a key role in a variety of bike gear clothing and equipment, including:

Cycling Shoes –Cycling shoes are a popular option for increasing pedaling efficiency. Virtually all major manufacturers have opted to use hook and loop fasteners in their shoes in place of shoe laces. Hook and loop makes it easy to transition between street and bike shoes. The fasteners offer a significant safety advantage because they are far less likely to get tangled in the sprocket compared to traditional laces.

Helmet Padding – Inside the hard shell of a bike helmet is a network of soft foam pads. These pads improve helmet comfort and keep the helmet seated properly on the head. If you look close, you’ll notice these foam pads are affixed to the helmet with adhesive back hook and loop dots. These hook and loop dots allow easy repositioning of the pads to accommodate individual users. An added benefit of the hook and loop fasteners is they allow removal of the pads for easy washing.  This is important since the foam pads can act as sponges absorbing perspiration during a long ride.

Leg/Ankle Bands- Reflective hook and loop straps are a popular accessory amongst cyclists. As ankle bands, reflective backed hook and loop strips make the wearer more visible to motorists in low light conditions and help keep loose fitting pants from catching in the chain.

All purpose fastening – Hook and loop is found in a variety of other cycling applications. It’s commonly used to attach small carriers and repair kits to the bike frame. Hook and Loop offers a universal mounting option capable of accommodating a variety of bike frame sizes. The straps attach and remove without tools, making it easy to remove valuable accessories prior to locking the bike, helping to prevent theft.

Hopefully your commute allows you to participate in National Bike to Work Week. For all the cyclists reading this post, we are delighted that hook and loop has helped to make your biking experience a little more enjoyable!