Specialty Fasteners for Virtually Any Application

At HookandLoop.com, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your hook and loop fastener needs. We stock a huge selection of fastener products in a range of sizes and colors. Our large in-stock inventory helps us provide quick order fulfillment for the vast majority of our customers’ orders. But sometimes an application needs a specialty hook and loop solution; we can accommodate those orders too!

Hook and loop is a very versatile fastening technology and a large array of specialty fasteners are available to satisfy a range of niche fastening needs. As part of our mission to be your preferred supplier of Everything in Hook and Loop, we are pleased to offer access to a wide selection of specialty fasteners not easily sourced elsewhere. Some types of specialty products we can source include:

We even carry U.S. military-grade hook and loop fasteners.

Mil Spec Hook and Loop

For customers selling to the U.S. Military, or anyone who values the extra rigor imposed by military grade certification, this is the hook and loop for you. These fasteners are certified to conform to U.S. Military specification AA55126c. Our DuraGrip Brand sew on hook and loop meets this mil-spec as type II, class 1 fasteners, just as the DuraGrip Brand polyester hook and loop meets this mil-spec as a type II, class 3 fastener. Certificates of conformance can be provided upon request. For other types and classes, or for Berry Amendment compliant material, you can request a quote.

Electrically Conductive Hook and Loop

These fasteners are coated in silver, resulting in a low-resistance, electrically conductive fastener that is suitable for a variety of uses including switches, RF shielding and electrical grounding applications. These are sold by the yard with a 10 yard minimum. Lead time depends on quantity ordered, but is typically about one week.

Fire Retardant Hook and Loop

Like the name suggests, these fasteners are spray coated with fire retardant additives during the manufacturing process to realize a degree of flame resistance. Essentially, the coating allows the material to burn at a slower rate. The resulting fastener satisfies FAA 25.853(b) requirements and is suitable for use in aircraft cabin applications and aerospace use.

High-Strength Hook and Loop

These fasteners employ a robust hook and loop construction to carry heavy loads. This specialty fastener works well when you need a strong bond and the ease of opening the fastener is not a priority. There are many different products of varying strengths including the HTH 757 and MVA#8 hook, and even stronger with the 87S quadrilobal hook. Some of these products are going to require a custom quote with minimums and lead times. Contact us today for more details.

Marine Grade Fasteners

The polyester hook and loop fasteners are designed for use on materials that will see prolonged sun exposure, or water use. The hydrophobic material means it dries quickly and doesn't easily absorb water. The polyester also offers better protection from UV rays than the standard nylon hook and loop. You can secure these in place with sewing, nails, screws, and other hardware, or you can secure it by applying your own adhesive to things like fiberglass, metal, wood and PVC.

If you are interested in learning more about specialty fasteners or a specific specialty product, please contact us to learn more about options, pricing and lead times. If your specialty fastener is not listed above, we encourage you to call us anyway! We have access to virtually all hook and loop products from the major brands including VELCRO® Brand and DuraGrip®. Chances are, if the specialty fastener exists, we can source it.


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