Hook and Loop in the Medical Industry

In the medical field, where the pace can be frenetic, it's important to have equipment that's flexible and adjustable. With the easy-on, easy-off requirements of hospital emergency rooms and doctors’ offices, hook and loop fasteners, such as VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® and Cable Ties, meet all of these requirements and more. Here are some ways the medical industry uses hook and loop.

Velcro on patient transport

Patient Immobilization

Hook and loop straps can be custom manufactured to meet unique size and shape requirements. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, strengths and materials to suit different applications in health care facilities. Adjustable straps keep patients safe during transport on gurneys and backboards. Positioning devices use hook and loop for patients undergoing medical procedures. Often, these straps are independent of the surgical table so that they are transferable as the patient is moved.


Velcro is used on back braces

Orthopedics and Braces

Flexible braces worn by athletes as support and stability devices are typically secured with hook and loop. These medical device fasteners ensure that medical braces fit well and retain their lightweight and durable qualities. These same closures make it possible for ankle braces and supports to prevent further stress on affected joints and muscles. Various types of high technology orthopedic braces use these fasteners to assist in making these oddly shaped devices stay on a targeted body part, often the thigh, knee, arm or back.

Our straps have become indispensable parts of prosthetics, especially when the devices need frequent inspection and adjustment. These innovative straps also make it easier for health providers to custom fit leg and arm braces while maintaining flexibility with products like stretch loop. Hook and loop is also standard for splints and wrist supports intended to alleviate the symptoms of sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress conditions. To ensure patient safety and comfort, health care facilities use hook and loop on braces, straps, and splints.


Patient restraint straps made from hook and loop.

Securing Devices

The peel-and-stick products are used to keep patient charts and medical devices in place, while VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® can be used to secure tubing. These fasteners keep medical instruments organized and accessible. Belts worn on the torso for lumbar and cervical vertebrae support use hook and loop to keep it positioned correctly. Likewise, neck braces, immobilizers and sacroiliac traction devices trust a system of hook-and-loop fasteners to fit the devices to the curves of the body. Arthritis sufferers use variations of non-invasive mitt splints to assist with ulnar deviation. These fasteners are used to keep these splints in place while allowing for movement in the fingers.


Single Use and Disposables

Single use and disposable products like restraint straps, gowns, and masks use hook-and-loop fasteners. The relatively inexpensive fastener makes it a good solution for a variety of one time use products.