Strap Samples With Your Custom Logo For Just $95!

If you're familiar with, you may already know we offer a quick sample service where we make four custom straps for $20, including shipping. We're also able to print your company logo, or any custom imaging, onto these straps for just $95.

Quick samples are available with custom logo imprinting for just $95!

What is a Quick Sample?

A quick sample is a sample of four straps that are made-to-order for you for testing or prototyping. These four straps can sometimes vary in width or length to ensure the right size strap for our customers' application. This provides the customer with a low cost option and confidence in the product they'll receive as an order. This service typically costs $20, including shipping. Email us today if you'd like to order a quick sample.

We also offer quick samples for $40 if the straps include additional conversion services like installing grommets, sewing, or if the straps are exceptionally long or made of specialty material.

Logo Imprinting

We utilize pad printing to print custom logos onto the back of the hook side of the straps we manufacture. The logos can be almost 2" x 3" in size, and we offer single color printing in black or white ink, and can print in other colors for an additional $30 charge.

To make your logo, you provide us with a drawing or image file that we edit and size to fit. We then send you a mockup of the logo as it appears on our printing cliché in the actual size it will appear on the strap. Once you review this and approve the layout, we make the cliché and set up our pad printer for your order.

Order Your Personalized Logo Straps Today

Interested in seeing your logo on some custom made-to-order straps? Email us or call us at (800) 940-6934 to get started on your personalized quick sample today for just $95!


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