Replacing Sanding Discs with Hook and Loop

We get a ton of enquiries from customers about replacing sanding discs on their sanders. Most of the time, they are looking for new hook material to attach to their sander because the old hook has finally worn out after repeated use. We've got a few options available for replacing the hook on your disc sanders.

Sanding discs with loop and adhesive backing

6" Black Hook Sew On

Our DuraGrip Brand 6" Sew On Hook is great if you need a lot of hook for several sanders and you want to apply your own adhesive to secure it in place. This product is sold on 25 yard rolls and we can even cut the roll to length for you and ship you the cut pieces in a bag.

6" Black Hook with Adhesive Backing

This is another great option. This hook product has an adhesive backing so the material can be cut to size and then just remove the release liner and press the hook to the base of your sander. The rubber adhesive is good up to 190F and bonds well to a variety of substrates. This adhesive does not hold up well long-term to moisture or chemical use. There is also an acrylic adhesive option available as wide as 4" which holds up better to wet conditions and chemicals. These are also sold on a 25 yard roll and can be cut to length for free.

By The Yard

A lot of the time, customers only need enough hook to cover a single sanding disc. We can help with that too! We sell our 6" Black Hook with Rubber Adhesive by the yard! You can get a 3 foot long piece for just a fraction of the price of a 25 yard roll. You can cut this yard down to size to make sure it fits your disc sander perfectly and you'll still have enough left over to save for future use.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

We also carry VELCRO® Brand hook and loop as wide as 4" that can help to cover your sanding discs. The adhesive backed options are available in a rubber and acrylic based adhesive. The acrylic adhesive is particularly useful if the application requires a lot of moisture or extreme temperatures.
If you have any questions about your specific application, we're always happy to help! You can call us at (800) 940-6934 or email us at