What is Attach-A-Patch®?

Attach-A-Patch® is a Velcro® brand consumer product that provides fastening ease for patches. This sew-on Velcro® Brand patch product is ideal for military personnel, police officers, firefighters, security professionals and medical workers. Teenagers can even use VELCRO® Brand backpack patches on their bags or varsity jackets. The kit with VELCRO® Brand backed patches is also perfect for school uniforms that feature an education facility’s crest or emblem on them. Parents of boy, girl and cub scouts are likely to use an Attach-A-Patch® kit due to the product’s convenience.

The Velcro® brand Attach-A-Patch® product features one 4-inch x 12-inch portion of hook along with a 4-inch x 12-inch portion of loop. Consumers who buy the Attach-A-Patch® kit can easily and quickly add VELCRO directly onto a clothing item to stick on patches. The kit is also customizable to the size and shape of a patch.

The loop, the soft, fuzzy portion of the Velcro® product, is usually sewn onto the clothing item while the hook, the rough, scratchy side, is applied to the patch. Uniformed workers can easily sew the loop to an apparel item’s sleeve or chest area and then attach a hook fastener patch. The sew-on Velcro® Brand patches are machine washable and can also be dry-cleaned.

The Benefits of Attach-A-Patch®

It's easy to sew onto uniforms. It's easy to sew onto uniforms.[/caption]

Attach-A-Patch® is available in small individual kits, and is available here in Desert Tan and Foliage Green. You can also purchase similar materials in more than 20 colors in bulk 25 yard rolls. Since the product features Velcro® technology, consumers can easily remove the hook and loop patches to wash their uniforms. This feature increases patch longevity, and as a result, consumers will save money over time. The VELCRO® Brand sew on patch kit also permits uniformed personnel to change their patches without causing damage to the clothing item or the hook and loop patch. This is another money saving element as uniformed employees can avoid paying an expert to unstitch and sew different patches onto their work attire. Parents who have more than one child will especially appreciate the money saving feature of Attach-A-Patch® since they can use the same uniform for their up and coming scouts.

People who work in employment fields that require uniformed patches, or really anyone who only has a need for a small amount of hook and loop, will appreciate the convenient Attach a Patch sewing solution. The sew-on Hook and Loop Velcro® Brand patches are customizable, affordable and easy to use.