Quick Sample Straps

With so many strap styles and options available, we get a ton of requests for sample straps so customers can be confident in their purchase. One way we do this is with our quick sample straps option. A quick sample is a sampling of 4 custom straps made to order for $20.00. The $20.00 charge includes shipping.

If you'd like to order a quick sample, contact us today!

Sample straps are great for testing and finalizing size.

Determining What You Need

When we work with a customer, sometimes it's difficult to picture the finished hook and loop strap over the phone. This leads to a conversation in which we discuss what their strapping intentions are, what design they have in mind and review their options. Once we have a strap style figured out, we determine if they need any specific material for their straps. After that, it’s on to sizing. We figure out what width would work best for their application and then sort out what length the strap should be.

At this point, everyone has a good idea what the strap will look like and how it will function. However, sometimes the strap length can't be determined at the moment or a strap may be particularly complex. In these instances, we like to recommend a quick sample.

Different Sizes And Customization

Sometimes we can make the quick samples with subtle variations. For instance, the lengths on all four straps may be a little different so the customer can pin down a specific length. Or we may send two straps each, in two different widths. This helps the customer determine the exact strap size they’re looking for and gives them confidence in the product they'll be receiving. A basic 4 strap quick sample costs $20 and includes shipping.

When straps require sewing or installation of grommets, we often prefer to send samples. A quick sample with some conversion service applied costs $40.00 and includes shipping. This is to cover the added expense of labor. We also occasionally charge the $40.00 quick sample price for straps that are over 36” or that are made from stretch loop material. This is because the material cost and labor require the additional expense. All quick sample pricing will be made clear upfront and the sample usually ships within 1 business day.

For additional straps, you can order multiple quick samples.

If you'd like to order a quick sample, contact us today!


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