Securing Couch Cushions with Hook and Loop

Do you ever have issues keeping your couch cushions on your couch? Or maybe your patio chairs have a similar issue? Well one solution is to use hook and loop to secure your cushions to your furniture. We sell 6-inch hook and loop that you can use to fasten your cushions to the base of your couch or chair.


Nobody wants a sloppy looking couch, so secure couch cushions! This 6” wide material is adhesive backed, but the adhesive can have varying results sticking to furniture. The adhesives don’t bond well to most fabrics, but vinyl and leather furniture tend to adhere well. Regardless, you can also reinforce these products by sewing them into place.

This is a great way to keep your cushions in place, which can also help keep them in the proper shape. Often when cushions slide out of place, they end up getting deformed from being sat on wrong. This also applies to the seat back portion of furniture too! The best part is that you don’t need to use a lot of the 6” wide hook and loop because the closure strength is so good that a 6” x 6” square should be plenty strong enough.

Other good uses for hook and loop on furniture include using it to secure a cover or the actual upholstery. You can also attach the loop portion, which is the soft, fuzzy side, to the underside of your furniture’s legs so they don’t scuff up expensive flooring.

You can find our 6” hook and loop on our website here.


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