Embroidery on Webbing

Embroidery is a process of stitching a design or decoration into a material. We offer this capability on our webbing because the hook and loop does not allow for ease of function when embroidered. Stitching on hook and loop limits its usefulness. We often sew hook and loop, but that is done to provide a strong hold or reinforce the material. The stitching in those instances is done on the outer portions of the hook and loop, mostly in the selvage edge where no hook or loop is located.

Embroidering takes up a lot of space and renders the hook and loop essentially useless where it’s done. The hook side can also snag the embroidered stitching and damage it over time. For these reasons, we typically limit our embroidering to the webbing, which accommodates design stitching well.

This gives our customers a good opportunity to brand their sewn straps. By providing an image file or text elements to incorporate in the strap layout, we can use our embroidery machine to customize your strap and brand it for resale or advertising. Embroidery on webbing is a good way for a sewn strap to stand out. We can embroider text or images onto our polypropylene webbing to impress your customers!

For pricing or other custom hook and loop needs, you can email us at [email protected]. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you out!


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