Hook and Loop Around the House

The number of practical uses for hook and loop fasteners appears to be endless. For instance, you can use the handy product to manage your home’s many cables, childproof an area or even stop the door locks from rattling in your truck.

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Cable Management Tips

With today’s technology, you probably have too many electronic devices all around your home, which means you may have more cable cords than you can handle. Fortunately, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Cable ties can help you keep your home organized. These straps are perfectly sized for cable management for appliances and other electronics.

Childproofing Suggestions

If you don’t want to drill holes in your cabinets, use hook and loop to keep your children out of them. Cut strips of adhesive backed hook and loop and stick the hook side to the back section of your cabinets. Then, mate the loop side to the hook side and press the cabinet shut. This will hold your cabinets shut without making them inaccessible, and it's out of sight.


There are a couple of ways to use hook and loop on your furniture to make life easier for you. You can secure loop coins to the bottoms of the legs of chairs and couches to keep them from scuffing your floors when moved. It works great. Another hack is to use strips of hook and loop to secure couch cushions in place. If your cushions are loose and always end up sliding out of position, this is an easy way to help keep them where they're supposed to be.

Noise Dampening

If the door locks in your truck rattle when you drive, you might be able to eliminate the sound with hook and loop. The loop side works great as a noise dampener. The first step is to lift the door lock so it is in the up position. You’ll see a removable square shaped part near the bottom of the lock. Use a flathead screwdriver to pop out the part. By removing the part, you’ll be able to lift the entire lock off the attachment screw and out of the door. Measure and cut a portion of your loop to place behind the door lock, but make sure that the piece is slightly shorter than your lock. By using a shorter piece, you’ll prevent it from showing when your door locks are down. Slide the door repair section behind the screws, and replace the lock.

Here's a video that may help explain the process.

Hook and loop fasteners can be used in a variety of around the house applications from decreasing clutter, keeping children safe and reducing irritating noises in your vehicle. When problems arise, consider using these fasteners to fix them.


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