How the NFL Uses Velcro®

NFL gaming officials require players to wear protective equipment to keep them as safe as possible. Football gear has become a prominent part of the game. In fact, some types of equipment cover and protect almost every body part of a player. Modern-day innovations have made football gear more protective and easier to wear. Velcro® is one of these innovations.

Velcro-NFLShoulder Pads

Shoulder pads protect ribs. This piece of sporting equipment features hard plastic that covers the front and back of a player. To provide more protection, NFL equipment manufacturers stuff the interior section of shoulder pads with foam. An NFL team’s equipment manager can enhance this protection by using Velcro® to connect an extra set of pads.

The Jersey

NFL players wear jerseys for identification purposes. Each jersey features NFL and team logo patches. If a team makes it to a Pro-Bowl or Super Bowl, the jerseys also include patches signifying these accomplishments. An NFL jersey has a wide Velcro® strip at the bottom which connects to a Velcro® strap inside the waistband of the uniform’s pants.


NFL teams use headsets to convey messages between the team and the coach. On most teams, the messages are sent to the quarterbacks, so they are usually the ones who wear the headset on the field. A few years ago, the NFL updated the headset system from analog to digital to ensure clear communication. The headset’s earphones attach to the inside of the helmet with Velcro® to prevent the equipment from moving.

Cable Management

Since the NFL now uses many forms of technology, cable management is required. To keep cables and cords organized, equipment managers can use Velcro® cord management straps. These handy straps can be adjusted. They are also reusable. The Velcro® straps are ideal for laptop cords as well as video equipment cables.

Football Cleats

NFL players wear football cleats to improve performance. Cleats prevent slipping in all types of weather conditions and on different playing surfaces. Football cleats feature laces, but some styles come with Velcro® straps across the top of the cleat for extra security and support.


A team’s receivers usually wear tight-fitting gloves for comfort and protection while on the field. Gloves can also help them hang on to a slippery ball. To ensure a tight fit, the gloves fasten to a player’s wrists with Velcro®. Some players choose to wear the gloves without attaching the Velcro®, while others fold the straps back to prevent flapping during a game. Players may also tape around their wrists along the outside of the glove to decrease injuries.

Last Thoughts

People have found many VELCRO® Brand uses since it was created. In the NFL, the product allows players to increase their padding and wear their uniforms properly. It improves equipment organization and provides additional support.


Slava Yurthev Copyright