Our Free Cut To Length Option

At HookandLoop.com, DuraGrip Brand and VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners are sold on 25 yard rolls for just about all of the products we offer. But we know that you aren't using this material like that. You are probably cutting it to size and using it in one or several different ways. That's why we offer our cut to length service for free.
Our free cut to length service makes your life easier. Enter your cut length here to receive your product pre-cut and ready to use!

Basically, this option is as its name implies. You can get your products custom cut to the length that you specify by simply navigating to our product page and entering the length in inches that you want the pieces cut to. Then, we will cut the material to your specified length and ship it to you in bulk in a labeled bag with the number of pieces in the bag and the description of the contents clearly labeled.

Are you using the same sized pieces for your project? Then going with this option and having them pre-cut for you and ordered in bulk is definitely the sensible way to go. It will save you time and hassle from having to multiply and figure up how many inches you need only to have the product arrive and have to go through cutting it yourself. Why struggle to cut the material yourself when we will cut your material to length for free. The added time it takes us to cut your order depends on the quantity, but will generally ship the same day or next business day.

Our free service only includes straight cuts. The reason our free service only includes straight cuts is because our strip cutters only have guillotine blades. Rounding the corners requires a die. For special cuts like round edges please request a die cut quote by emailing [email protected], and we would be more than happy to oblige you.

We will also mate the material together for you for free. This is especially useful for businesses that plan to apply the hook and loop to their product and then fasten it to another object. When the products are mated, you can just remove the release liner on the adhesive backed material and apply it to your product, then remove the release liner from the other side and fasten it to a wall, floor, cabinet, etc. It saves a ton of labor having the material cut and mated to size in advance.

In addition to our free cut to length services, we also offer cut and stack services for our VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fasteners. ONE-WRAP® fasteners are double-sided hook and loop that tends to stick to itself unless it is organized and stacked as it's cut. Not only do our cut and stacking services keep fasteners from sticking together and make them nicer and neater, but they also result in a smaller package size, which cuts down on the amount of shipping costs you'll have to pay to get your products shipped to you. Stacking the materials makes them much easier for you to access as well, so it's a win-win situation for you no matter how you look at it and it only costs $8.00 per 25 yard roll.

Another cut to length option we offer is what we call the "hot knife cut" for cutting webbing rolls. Basically, as its name implies, the hot knife simultaneously melts the ends of the webbing material as it cuts the webbing, which results in a straight, clean edge that won't fray. Certain types of material, like polypropylene webbing, will fray if the ends are not heat-sealed after they're cut. Therefore, if you're getting this type of material cut to length, then you might want to consider going with the hot knife cut. The hot knife cut charge is $12.00 per 100 yard roll.