Sewing Options

We use industrial sewing machines to manufacture heavy duty straps for all sorts of applications. With over 40 years of experience among our seamstresses, there are tons of stitches our staff is capable of. We straight stitch, box stitch, zig zag stitch and more on straps as small as a few inches to straps that are over 20 feet long.

Sewing machine stitching hook and loop to polypropylene webbing

In most cases, we sew the hook and loop onto polypropylene webbing to create these straps, but we also sew in elastic or just stitch the hook and loop to itself. We can fold the webbing onto itself and straight stitch it to create a tab that makes the strap easy to unfasten, too.

For applications where a standard hook and loop strap may not be strong enough to endure the environment it will be subjected to, we reinforce the strap by stitching it to webbing and box stitching the webbing around the ring if the strap has one. We use high strength bonded nylon thread to ensure a strong stitch.

We even sew in customer supplied, high power magnets into straps for one of our customers. Another sewing service we provide is stitching spaced lines along one strap so our customer can trim the straps down to size without the webbing fraying all the way down the strap. While we don’t stock neoprene or non-skid rubber, we do have customers that provide these materials for us to incorporate into their strap configuration as well.

With so many different variables at play, we have a ton of experience making straps. From the simple and straightforward, to the complex and complicated, if you need a heavy duty strap that will hold up to a lot of wear and tear, or if you need a specific material or design incorporated into your strap, we're available to provide our services in a fast and affordable way.

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