5 Top YouTube Channels That Showcase Hook and Loop

There is really something to be said about YouTube. Here are the top YouTube Channels that showcase hook and loop at its best.

Red Hook and Loop
1.) Velcro USA
Velcro USA's YouTube channel is the best one around for tips on how to use it, DIY projects, and interesting ways that various industries use their products. If you're looking for some quick, fun and easy ways to use hook and loop, this is a great place to start.

2.) ConservativeArmyGuy
This YouTube channel highlights how the user uses DuraGrip brand products to hold his concealment platforms in place for his firearms. It's a great video that shows how much strength you need to pull the Duragrip apart. He uses it to keep his gun secured under tables or in his truck. It comes in several sizes and widths for varied uses. Another clever one is basically a montage with no sound that gives you some examples of how he applies the hook and loop to various products. From guns to pictures to fishing gear, he finds tons of uses for hook and loop.

3.) ImminentThreatSolutions
This is another great channel that occasionally highlights hook and loop applications. It's actually pretty clever and very informative as it shows you how to sew hook and loop in any fabric. You can see it being done with virtually invisible stitching by hand or machine. The knowledgeable young lady will tell you the company, gauge and color number of the thread and will show you how to hand sew it onto camouflage and will even show you how to attach patches.

4.) DirtFarmerJay
DirtFarmerJay doesn't post many videos about hook and loop, but the one above shows you how to clean your hook and loop, making it good as new. You may have a favorite dog vest or some other item that collects a lot of hair or debris in the hook side. When it gets stuffed up with debris that like that, the hook tends to lose its gripping strength. You may not be able to replace it right away but you still need to use it. It's a pretty handy video.

5.) HealthyPrepper
In this video, HealthyPrepper goes over various uses for hook and loop. Are you a survivalist? Then you know you love Velcro! What about your bugout bag? Great tips for the cool stuff you can do with that. How about hanging a flashlight to the inside of a tent or to roll up a tent and secure with a long piece of hook and loop? You can hold down lawn furniture cushions and mats and carpets in place. This channel will add more unusual ways to use these products too.