24 of the Craziest Inventions Made with Hook and Loop

Hook and loop in products isn't a new concept and have been used ever since the fastener hit the mainstream in the 1980's. Most of you could name a handful of products these convenient fasteners have been used on but here are 24 interesting hook and loop uses and inventions you probably didn't know about:

Purple Hook and Loop
1) Disposable Diaper Tabs
This one is going to be obvious to any parents, but most disposable diapers use a low profile softer hook to fasten against the front of the diaper for easy adjustability.

2) Cord Ties
Back to back hook and loop fasteners are used to bundle cords and cables and they're way easier to use, and reuse, than plastic zip ties.

3) Costuming
Hook and loop is used in stage performances all over as a means to quickly change costumes as well as an easy quick fix for any rips or tears.

4) Phone Stands and Mounts
Hook and loop straps are a handy way to mount or hang your phone to be able to watch a video hands free while cooking or cleaning. A couple adjustable straps and you can hang it up anywhere. You can even use hook and loop to wear your device while working out.

5) Hook and Loop Walls
Bounce houses and sticky walls go hand in hand. These suits, covered in the hook side, stick easily to a wall covered with the loop side. It makes for tons of fun for kids of all ages.

6) Surfboard Leashes
Surfboard leashes are a necessity to keep from losing your board. Hook and loop is often used as a strong and comfy closure option that's also quick and easy to release in case your board gets stuck underwater.

7) Reusable Casts and Slings
Reusable and adjustable, these allow for easy modification while still providing strong and reliable support for breaks, sprains, and other surgery recoveries.

8) Catch and Toss Games
Do you remember those brightly colored scratchy mitts you played catch with as a kid? The mitts were covered in the hook side, a great target for a tennis ball.

9) Art Caddies
A lot of caddies are modular now, meaning they use hook and loop to allow you to alter the arrangement of dividers and pouches. Great for storing paint supplies, pencils, etc.

10) Teddy Bear Band-Aids
Using a scrap of cloth and some hook and loop help your little one play doctor.

11) Travel Board Games
Need to entertain the little ones for a long car ride? Travel board games often use hook and loop to secure pieces in place while on the move.

12) VELCRO® Brand Resealable Bags
The Velcro Companies have gotten into the reusable bags market! Lots of products these days have resealable bags from snacks to dog treats. These bags are made of food grade plastic and they work well to seal in freshness.

13) Carpet Holder
Got slippery rugs? Pin them down on the corners with hook and loop to avoid movement from traffic.

14) Non-Pinch Barrettes and Bows
Babies look so cute with bows and barrettes in their hair, but often the clips can tug on their delicate scalp and cause discomfort. There are bows and barrettes made with hook and loop that make it much more comfortable for your little ones to still look stylish.

15) Pet Gear
Thunder blankets, pet diapers, cones, and carts all utilize hook and loop to help your pets feel secure and protected. Beyond that, they're also used on pet clothes, collars, and bow ties.

16) Farming
Cattle farmers, horse farms, and veterinarians all use hook and loop straps to separate and identify which animals have been vaccinated, groomed, treated, etc. These typically high vis straps make it easy to discern which animals have received treatment while trying to herd them into separate pens.

17) RF Shielding
Silver coated hook and loop is electrically conductive and used in clean room, static free environments as well as for radio frequency shielding. RF shielding limits the electric and magnetic transmissions from an enclosed area to protect against message interception. It's basically spy stuff!

18) Gym Mats
Cheer and gymnastics organizations use hook and loop to secure gym mats in place for protection and safety. Good luck watching those cheer competitions without it!

19) Military Gear
Lots of military gear utilizes hook and loop. Tactical vests, bags, and other carriers all use these versatile fasteners. We offer a selection of mil spec hook and loop fasteners as well.

20) Shoes
Everybody has worn a pair of shoes with hook and loop! They're easy to put on and take off for children, the elderly, or disabled. They've even got some that use hook and loop to switch out symbols and colors for some personality!

21) Plant Ties
Gardening is much easier with hook and loop ties. You can bundle herbs, brace new plants, or help declutter your garden with these.

22) Hidden Electronics
Besides securing your remote to your side table, hook and loop is used to hold battery packs in place in drones and remote controlled vehicles. It's quick and easy use allows you to secure electrical components in position in tight spaces or for short periods, making these electronics much more mobile.

23) Horse Blankets
Horses need blankets when it's cold out and the weather can change in a hurry. Most horse blankets use hook and loop to make it easy to put on and take off quickly so your horse can stay warm on cold nights or while grazing.

24) Outer Space
Yes that's right, because of its hold, hook and loop has been used by astronauts outer space and in other aerospace applications!