Top Life Hacks with Hook and Loop

Everyone is familiar with the many common ways hook and loop can come in handy, from grouping and securing wires to keeping seat cushions and rugs from slipping around. What some may not realize is that it possesses some extraordinary organizational qualities. Tidy up the contents of your drawers using hook and loop to bundle common items, or secure your tools in the garage with the power of Industrial Strength hook and loop fasteners, keeping everything within easy reach.

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Stashing Emergency Gear

Always be prepared for the unexpected with a little foresight and some help from hook and loop. Attach a strip on a handful of flashlights to keep strategically around your home or secure small emergency supply kits that include band aids, cleaner, matches and sewing items in certain rooms as well as in your vehicle.

Securing Furniture

If you happen to reside in an area where Mother Nature enjoys shaking things up a bit, place some hook and loop on your furniture or other fragile items that might otherwise be knocked over and destroyed. Earthquake or not, if you have a pet that enjoys moving their dish around, simply attach it to the floor to keep Fido and his food in one place.

Adaptive Clothing

Sometimes even fumbling with zippers and buttons can be challenging, especially to older people and children. If there is pain associated with the act of dressing it can become very frustrating to anyone. Replace or simply cover buttons with strips or dots for pain-free, easy opening and closing of apparel.

Phone Mounts

Driving distracted is dangerous to everyone including the driver. To reduce fumbling for the phone or GPS, attach them to your dash so your hands stay on the wheel. This is also helpful for frequent toll booths by securing your EZ Pass to the window, allowing you to keep moving effortlessly. While the driver is safely driving, the passengers can attach their tablet or phone to the dash or back of a headrest for comfortable entertainment to help time fly by.

These are just a few of our favorite awesome and easy life hacks for home. No matter what you use hook and loop for, use it with confidence knowing your items are securely in place and let your imagination run free with new and efficient uses of this fascinating hook and loop fastener.


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